Top Movies Every College Student Should Watch

Watching movies is one of the best activities that students love to do. It is something that helps them get relief from stress, fatigue, and pressure. College students who frequently watch movies pick those that can inspire them, make them laugh, keep them entertained, or help them to relax and cool down. The best thing about watching films is that they give you the enjoyment you want to achieve. As long as you enjoyed the movie, then it is all worth it.
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Movies That College Students Should Watch

1. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This movie is led by award-winning actor Will Smith. The story will surely captivate everyone who sees it, and college students will definitely draw some inspiration from the movie. Hard work and not quitting, despite hitting the lowest in life, are the lessons that students can get from this movie.

2. Armageddon

This 1998 film by director Jerry Bruckheimer has topped the blockbuster chart and until now never ceases to amaze first-time viewers. This is a phenomenal movie as it is jam-packed with award-winning actors. College students of this generation must see this film because it will definitely wow them in all aspects.

3. Harry Potter Part 1-7

This movie that comes from the book written by J.K Rowling hits the blockbuster in every year that it releases a new sequel. The cinematography and story are just awesome, plus it bears a deeper message that college students can learn from and use it as an inspiration.

4. Back to the Future Part 1 to 3

This classic sci-fi movie is one of the best from the past and until now. It contains a story about a time machine that allowed veteran actor Michael J. Fox and others to go back in time or travel throughout the future. Watching this film will not leave college students any boring scenes, and they will surely forget the stress that they had.

5. Forest Gump

This film is led by award-winning actor Tom Hanks and others, to which until this generation people who see it assure that it is one of the best of all time. College students should not miss this top-caliber movie because they can obtain lots of inspiration from it.
These top movies are created so college students can learn from and be inspired not just in the film but in real life. Movies from the past and the present will always be part of student’s lives.