A Peaceful Women

Published: 2021-09-28 15:30:04
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Category: Women, Liberalism, Peace

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Purpose and Audience

In paragraph one, Hasselstrom clearly states that she is “peace-loving” and due to past events she carries a pistol to be safe. She also wants to give valuable reasons on why people should carry pistols.

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Paragraph five serves to give an example of a person who got raped after calling for help on her CB radio. The author is trying to point out that the person got raped because she did not have a weapon for self-defense. It supports her main idea so therefore I don’t consider this paragraph unnecessary.
Yes, the author is aiming women in particular. In all the examples, she directly explains how women are harassed by men. Therefore, a women should carry a weapon.
She does not expect most ogf her readers to agree with her position. She indicates in paragraph four a challenge from her opposing audience.

Style and Structure

The most important reason Hasselstrom gives for carrying a gun is to “provide a measure of safety”. The contributory causes are to avoid being raped or murdered and to have a balance of power.
Yes, I could argue that not only women need a gun to be safe. Men as well confront dangerous situations in their lives. Hasselstrom does argue in all her situations that women should always carry a gun for safety.
Situations such as living far away from the city and traveling could support her decision on why she carries a gun.
Yes, she explains how she can’t imagine shooting someone.

Vocabulary Projects

She says perhaps this is an idea whose time has come, though the pacifist inside me will be saddened if the only way women can achieve equality is by carrying weapons.

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