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Published: 2021-09-28 07:15:04
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I admit that there are pros and cons of the activity but the negative side outweighs the positive. Voter's education is a big help for the community especially for the first time voters. We couldn't deny the fact that this community service including the youth profiling are beneficial for our society. But, Just like what Vive said, there are negative sides of the story First, instead of having our summer Job and summer class or even on-the-Job training, we are subdued by this activity.
The community service will only take a few days or even hours of our time, but that could also be a time for rest after work or after school or even a time for our family after a long strenuous semester. But that won't happen because any of the statement above is not an excuse of not taking the community service. We are scholars, not robots, we also have a life to live. Second, the reason why we are in this scholarship is because somehow, some of us could not afford the whole tuition of the program we choose, for short we are not that rich.
That's why spending even a few peso on our account without it being reimbursed is a big deal for us. Third, the way of grouping us is somehow a good thing because it teaches us owe to socialize with different kinds of people but the problem is throwing these group of people in an unknown barraging that even the Google map could not locate is like throwing scavengers in a remote island waiting to be devoured by sharks and beasts.

And lastly, the common issue of all is that maybe the reason why we haven't hugged this community service unlike the other activities that we greatly enjoyed is that the foundation of this activity, starting from the orientation, is not right, not proper. Being yelled at the very first meeting is not a great way to start anything and it's a bit degrading for us scholars. We represent the youth that's why we a loud and active, and restraining us from doing so is improper and unprofessional especially if not all of us are involve in the noisy rumble.
This is an intellectual criticism, hope you won't take it personally. I am not speaking in the voice of a selfish, self righteous and self centered scholar, but rather I'm speaking in the voice of those unuttered cries of the scholars who are afraid to speak out what's in their mind with the fear of losing their scholarship. This is not a complain, this is a reflection. A Scholar Word By Babying

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