Affirmative Action Programs

Published: 2021-10-01 02:45:06
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Affirmative Action programs do not reverse the discrimination of women and minorities because everyone must rise to the challenge to succeed. The effects of the Affirmative Actions laws should not focus on making a quota if a company believes that a certain woman or minority can contribute essential value to work teams. Companies who focus on remedying the discrimination develop ways to scope out the most talented, dedicated, and sincere candidates for their wanted positions.
This is very important in the business world because you may recruit or lose the next best addition to a team because of following Affirmative Action programs. It is important to find a balance between equal rights and effective work teams. If the team is semi-functional due to candidates’ lack of skills, a company may be in trouble of achieving success through traditional standards. The new programs and laws created a way to infiltrate the corporate world with everyone with the abilities to succeed in every industry.
Companies should utilize the programs to find the perfect balance of diversifying the work force and building a legacy through successful projects. Some companies lack the abilities to use the Affirmative Action programs effectively because they search for a number to fulfill the franchise’s requirements. There is a chance of failure to occur if the company is not sincere or careful of making the final cuts when necessary in a candidate’s trial period. Read more about Tanglewood Case

At most, the candidates (women or minorities) should understand what or why they did not make the final decision during the hiring process. When enforced, the Affirmative Action programs are essential tools to find some incredible talent to add to a company’s team. It all comes down to whether the candidates find the work acceptable or unacceptable after they have experienced a taste of their future positions.

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