Al Muerzo Resto Bar

Published: 2021-09-28 07:20:04
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He is the current General Manager of Shanghai-La Hotel in Manila. A She graduated com lauded at Southern Luzon State university, finished her master degree major in culinary arts. Currently the executive of golden dragon restaurant. , CYRIL He graduated at Southern Luzon State University. Major in bartering and cocktail mixing. He is the current owner of cheers and Jump He graduated at Southern Luzon State university, major in housekeeping mane alms to be the unique premier organization of casual dining Mexican restaurant.
To serve freshly prepared high quality Mexican food in a relaxed and Steve atmosphere by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We will do so by providing our guest with the most entertaining dining experience in flavor of Mexican cuisine. Toys sounds, energy, fun and flavors of being part of Lucian, Guenon that is so rich and colorful. We provide also who work with us a friendly, hospitable, cooperative and rewarding environment which is the best character of being Lucian.
Our vision is to provide the extraordinary flavor of Mexican, the premium quality food at a reasonable price with the commitment of promoting a unique twist of tastiness n every bite. Introduce the flavor and culture of a Mexican food item and refreshment. Is innovating the new food experience for Lucian though the constant pursuit of perfection. Maintain the hygiene and good facilities of restaurant and using the alternative materials for the better of Lucian, Guenon in no plastic policy.

We strive to bring our guest the ultimate dining experience though excellent food, outstanding customer service and genuine hospitality. Is a place where people who truly enjoy real and authentic Mexican cuisine will find an enormous and extensive selection of dishes, appetizer, desserts and drinks from a various part of Mexico. Offers their guest very Mexicans experience ambiance even if where located in Lucian, Guenon, decorated a Mexican style, with bright colors pleasing to the eye, plants, fine art, music, and paper-art found in Mexicans festivals.

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