Angelas Ashes

Published: 2021-09-27 11:20:04
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Chapter Three "He makes more tea and we have that with bread and jam so no one can say we didn't have a sweet Christmas. " McClure Page 101 Even though they went through all the despairs of the year and the embarrassment of carrying a pig head to have a happy they were still able to have a happy Christmas dinner. Chapter Four "l wanted the raisin to myself but This shows how selfless Frank is. Payday Cloche's that had standing in Even though he wants the raisin h the corner with no shoes and the mom was freezing and he was gives it to someone who will cherish shivering like a dog had been kicked it more than him. ND I always felt sad over kicked dogs so I walked over and gave Payday the raisin... " McClure page 121 Chapter 5 "Sixpence will get the two of us in Since Frank doesn't want to take with outplace left Sleeves toffee. Dance he uses the money to enjoy McClure page 143 the luxuries he's not used too. Chapter 6 "His father is in a bed in the corner groaning and spitting into a bucket. " McClure page 164 It seems that in Franks day, death as more common than now especially for the people in poverty.
Frank learns at an early age that death is inevitable. Chapter 7 "One of our prayers is surely powerful because, next summer Mackey himself is carried off by the GA Looping consumption... " McClure Page 172 Franks life seems too surrounded by death. Ifs also ironic how Mackey wanted his siblings to die not knowing that his time was coming up slowly Chapter 8 " Patricia is gone and I'll never know what happened to the highwayman and Bess the landlord's daughter" Frank seems to be unpleased by Patrician's death.
Since he so used to it, he barely flinches when Hess told McClure page 199 the news. He is more concerned on how the poem ends. Chapter 9 " She tells me give my eyes a good rib and make them look as red as I can for the worse you look at the Dispensary the more pity you get the better chance of getting the public assistance. " McClure page 232 In this chapter, since their father is using his check on beer in England, Angela has to get public assistance. She basically loses all of her dignity n the process.

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