Animal Farm: Depicts the Views of Communist Society

Published: 2021-09-28 14:35:03
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Animal Farm The views of communism are not very common today simply because of how impractical they are. The human nature to create hierarchy is a direct contradiction to the views of communist society. Animal Farm is George Orwell’s comment on communism in the form of a satire where the animals on a farm rebel against the farmer and seize control. From the first stirring of rebellion, there are resolutions to keep all animals equal.
However, the farm soon went from a utopia to something far from perfect as the pigs slowly take reigned over the other animals. The pigs completely corrupt Old Major’s vision of Animalism by taking special privileges, changing the commandments, and exploiting the animals. At the start of Manor Farm’s transition to animal farm, the pigs rewrite Old Major’s idea of Animalism and Squealer is forced to change the Commandments to fit new circumstances. The first alteration to the Commandments comes after the pigs move into the Mr.
Jones’ farmhouse. A few animals remember something in the commandment specifically on beds, but cannot muster much because of their inferior intelligence. The ban on sleeping in beds is changed in Napoleon's favor by the addition of the words "with sheets" to the fourth commandment (“No animal shall sleep in a bed”. These suspicions are further forgotten as Squealer assures the other animals that the pigs sleep in beds with blankets, and have gotten rid of the sheets.

In addition, the pigs start to drink alcohol. When Napoleon gets drunk, many animals are alarmed and shocked, but all that ultimately happens is that the words "to excess" are added to the fifth commandment (No animal shall drink alcohol). It is evident that Old Major’s speech was in vain as the pigs ignore the old pig’s warnings and start to attain human traits. There is no subtle change to the third or first Commandments about wearing clothes and walking on two legs.
This is because by the time the pigs start to put on clothes and walk on two legs, they are so powerful that it is unnecessary. Instead, all of the "unalterable laws" are abandoned and Old Major’s inspiring commandments are replaced by the slogan- "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. ” The pigs’ changes to the original views of Animalism causes them to take control and essentially put the farm back into its previous condition before the rebellion.
The sole difference was the control of Farmer Jones, and that of “our Leader, Comrade Napoleon”. George Orwell uses Anima Farm to portray the pitfall of a totalitarian society. Orwell shows his opposition by creating a novel with animals representing different people in the world. The author’s message is a warning of what comes with communistic governments and dictatorships. The pigs and animals on the farm are simply an allusion to the communist societies in the world today.

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