Animal Testing Is Morally Wrong

Published: 2021-09-28 15:00:03
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Testing on Animals is Morally Wrong In today’s world, large corporations seem to have decided that animal testing is an acceptable way to produce products that are safe for human use at the expense of innocent animals everywhere. Sadly, with large-scale corporations focused far more on money and profit than on the wellbeing of, safety and health of animals of all kinds. The Government has completed hundreds of tests through out the years, and there has been very dismal proof that conducting the animal testing is benefit to humans, even though morally it is unspeakably wrong.
To better understand how humans started using animals to conduct product testing, it is important to look back into our history. In the past, animals were thought of as food and years later, we needed animals such as cattle and horses as a means of transportation by land and to help lighten the human workload. Years later it became possible to keep animals as pets and sources of entertainment. Now we have animals as companions and are thought of as members of our families: they are valuable and loved by many.
Sadly, although the general population would never want to harm an animal, the corporate machine that functions all around the world runs on earning money based on the exploitation of people and animals. This goes against our current general outlook on the value of animal’s lives yet to mega corporations, these creatures have no legal voice or overpowering representation to save them from torture, abuse and death during product testing. There are two different kinds of animal testing. The first is animal experimentation, in which the laboratory animal may only have a minute or so of pain and discomfort.

The second is called vivisection, which is the most inhumane form of animal testing. Vivisection is when an animal is tested on while not under any form of anesthesia to keep the animal from feeling pain. This form of testing is conducted when the animal is awake and feeling an incredible amount of pain. Both of these forms of animal testing are inhumane because even during the less horrific of the two testing processes, animals can sustain critical issues that come from the testing long after the tests are completed and the anesthesia has warn off.
Although animals cannot speak for themselves, they desperately need human legal representation to act on their behalf as far as texting human products on animals that can threaten their wellbeing and lives. Due to the horrific animal abuses that happen in the US and abroad there are understandably many outraged animal rights activists that are involved organizations that work to stop animal testing. Since animals are obviously very different that humans it does morally makes sense to test products that are meant for human use and consumption.
This can really hurt an animal and cause a lifetime of harm that we humans will never fully understand. There are many dangers to humans that are associated with animal testing as well. If a product or drug is tested on animals with no known side effects that product can then be sold for human use but because animals and humans are so different a new drug coming straight from animal testing will undoubtedly have a slightly different effect on the human than on the animal and sometimes the effect is very serious.
If illness or death occurs then tax dollars that Americans pay to companies that use animal testing for new drugs will be wasted on a product that undoubtedly harmed animals and also humans. At the same time, animals that react poorly to testing can cause medicine or other products that could benefit humans from being distributed simply because humans and animals will react differently to different things. There are many companies that have decided to stand up for animals and test many products on humans instead of abusing animals during the testing process.
This is particularly common when testing makeup; skincare products and hair care products. Companies that use natural ingredients especially, feel that they can safely test their products on humans. An entire market has been built upon the choice not to test on animals and people who care about animals will pay much more for products that were not tested on animals. It is my hope that more corporations especially will take a stand for animals and realize that their actions deeply harm animals and that money is ess important then the life of an animal. Research has proven that what works for them, does not necessarily work for us. I believe that it is a waste of American taxes to continue testing animals. Animals are a major part of our world and deserve more respect and care then they are currently given. It is my hope that we can stop cruel testing on animals and find new ways to test medicines and products that do not destroy the lives of animals.

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