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Published: 2021-09-27 16:40:03
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Clan becomes important 1922 "An account of native enterprise and Adventure in the Archipelagoes of Melanesian New Guinea. " BOOK Synoptic chart "... to collect concrete data, and accordingly I took a village census, wrote down genealogies, drew up plans, and collected the terms of kinship. But all this remained dead material, which led no further into the understanding of real native mentality or behavior... " (Malinowski, B. 1922) Verandah anthropologist
Malinowski is saying in order to do real anthropological research, we need to be in the environment Participant-observation "Social anthropology began in the Trobriand Islands in 1914" o Leach, Edmund R. Armchair (at home) ”+ Verandah (in a distant country - Rivers) ”+ Participant Observation (observing and participating in everyday field settings - Malinowski, Evans-Pritchard) Malinowski - left England, not armchair Notes and Querries Tylor was thinking of developing Armchair o When most researchers were at home It kept changing
After Malinowski, the notes and Querries book was viewed by other people He wanted to help people to make sure they are documenting things clearly There's a focus on what to collect, what cultural content Querries about "string" (p. 286) The process of doing anthropological fieldwork o The how of anthropology o There weren't too many other sources of guidance o People still needed guidance on what to collect If there is a yearly cycle, you can see the whole thing Evans-Pritchard Didn't think notes and querries was helpful

Theorizing culture o Video that we saw "it was soon clear that if I could gain a full understanding of the meaning of this word, I should have the key to Zande philosophy' (from the video Strange Beliefs) facts in themselves are meaningless "even an idiot can produce a new tact" o thing is to product a new idea relationship between theory and data o between theory and observation these two are linked one cannot study anything without the other "in social anthropology you are studying not Just as an observer but also as a articipant.
You are not Just a member of the audience: you are also on the stage. To understand the Nuer you have to go to learn to think as a Nuer, to feel as a Nuer, in a kind of way to be a Nuer. And this can't be done by any kind of scientific technique. And this is why I think the anthropologist is in a peculiar position because he is trying to interpret what he sees, not Just with the head, but with his whole personality, with his heart as well. " (from video Strange Beliefs) Levy-Bruhl Primitive Mentality

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