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Published: 2021-09-29 16:30:04
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The organizational change on the calm waters view envisions organization as a large ship that is crossing a calm sea. The calm waters are used as a metaphor to show that change is seen as an occasion of disruption where there is normal flow of events. Australia post herein, evolves to meet the future needs of its business. This is attained by providing trusted service solutions in the business sector.
The services are to be provided in lines of entailing, retailing, communications, financial services as well as postal services. Without this information, the query may not be looked into. In this plinth, it is inherent that the post experiences calm water environment because actually, the occasion interrupts the continuous flow of events within the business sector within the country.
External and Internal Forces are Impacting on Australia Post

Australia Post is a huge and complex operation. It has massive assets, revenues and a lot of employees. It also has big retail network outlet, which reaches in almost all parts of the nation. The big question herein is whether the industries use such big opportunities to relocate in their markets by upsetting themselves. Or they might be waiting to be disrupted by external forces. In as much as the organization is well established, it must be embrace digital disruption.
Being that the organization is vast, and has more of its interaction with the government; the business must go on online platforms. However, a new report by the UTS Business School for the Mc Kell Institute inherently shows that the pace brought by the digital transformation is causing disruption to one of the business enterprise within the Australia.
Similarly, the innovation hubs would also be having some internal and external forces. This would be brought about by the engagement in research that is carried out by related organizations and other broader ecosystem. Through this, it would provide focus on the networking innovations, more so to the pastoral areas. This would promote interest in innovation in order to promote the upcoming communities.
However, moving towards this direction may not only require investment in the new technologies, but proper skills and a change of mindset. In this dictum, the transformation will require broader strategy of digital transformation to the centre of public sector management. That would be the only way how the future of Australia Post can be made secure as a digital age business.
Evaluation of Change Strategy
The structure of the Post has changes by great margin. Today, it has hired staffs fro key executive positions from outside the nation. For example, the Microsoft Asia-Pacific president has closely followed in order to improve its technology expertise. Also, Richard Umbers, who was the general manager, has made tremendous effort towards changing the structure of the organization. Additionally, Fahour has indeed brought some former NAB executives.
The new executives include the new chief, who is the operating officer, the head of corporate affairs, Chris Blake. On the same pedigree, there has been a lot of technological advancement. This has been realized in many areas. First, most of the activities are done online, which enhance a lot of speed as opposed to the way they were done in the past. Also, there is a secured gateway, which helps in facilitating online payments to the employees.
On the same plinth, there are other e-commerce solutions for the business and individuals, which has been invented to help in facilitating most of the operation within and outside the organization. To the people, the organization has created many job opportunities to both local and international citizens. Because of the training done to individuals, many people have acquired a lot of skills and experience. The experience gained has made many employees to do their job diligently with least supervision and to give outstanding result in every realm.
For Fahour, it is clear that the ongoing trend about the letter delivery will definitely require several ways to change. The change would initiate taking advantage of making new opportunities, more so to the delivery services involving parcel. This has called for making new changes in order to suit the changes which have been made. In order to do so, it has looked into ways for boosting the services that is provided to most of the remote areas.
The organization has opened shopping zones and the customers are able to access various shopping zones at any time they need. On the same regard, new products have been introduced into the market such as the finance and insurance products. Digital mailbox app for iPad, Smartphone, would be at one shop to help in email services.
Resistance Change to Occur as a Result of Change Strategy
When the Australian Postal Commission and the Australian Telecommunication Commission were created, a lot of changes came to existence. The APC retained more of monopoly to its predecessor. The monopoly controlled the Australian economy and no any related company could compete APC. Because of monopoly situation, letters weighing less than 500grams were only referred as reserved service and could not be transported.
As a result of resistance change, the Australia Post's board made recognition that the company highly needed to restructure itself in order to face the upcoming extermination. The restructuring process would be done the core business was simply dying. Therefore, the board felt that they highly needed a new CEO. The CEO would help them work as the change initiator. For this reason, they went and looked for the person who had the experience to help them facilitate the same process. In the long run, Ahmed Fahour was appointed to help run the organization.
Today, the $5billion company has the largest network in Australia. Out of this, there are thirty five thousand employees. The organization has ten thousand licensees, franchises and contractors. The contractors make a delivery of eleven to twenty million items of addresses on a daily basis. His coming, Fahour has changes has made a lot of changes. He has earnestly come up with a project that is aimed at implementation of a more customer business.
The model is designed in such a way to help in capitalizing Australia Post's repute. The reputation would make the organization be seen as the only service provider. Because of the changes made by the current CEO, Australia Post has gotten chance to become the most outstanding parcel delivery in Australia.
Importance of Innovation to Australia Post
Ideally, innovation has helped Australia Post in a number of ways. Through the delivery of better experiences and solutions that starts with customer's centric creativity to the people around, the organization has helped in empowering them so that they can take bold actions on the things that are important to the customers and the society. In so doing, the customers have been assured of getting the best services every time they need.
Through innovation again, the Post is working in partnership with the retailers, merchants and the government. The business partnership has greatly helped developing most of the solutions that help the organization to grow economically. This is achieved through expansion of the export that is made to various parts of the world.
Similarly, innovation has helped in coming up with generation of brilliant entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs are intrinsically motivated to start and run their businesses through the experience obtained by working in the organization. On the same pedigree, the technological innovation has helped the entrepreneurs to make advanced digital ID solutions that can enhance citizen services. Ultimately, with the digital ID, one can use it to access any organization while seeking for job. Documents like passport, birth certificate are comfortably made through technology. The technology has made most of the tasks done to become easier and faster, thus making it easier as opposed to the way it was done before.
What other Organizations and Managers learn from Australia Post
The managers and other organizations have a lot to learn from Australia Post. They should adapt and transform to the digital era. The digital era will enable them make advance transformation in dealing with clients across the globe. Digitalism enables the service providers to make to work in good relation with the clients hence making good relationship with them. It is also important for the managers to learn that competition is healthy for a growing business.
When competition is healthy, the managers find it easy to access market and venture into many areas that can make them generate income to the companies. Of course, the managers should also learn that the reforms made in regards to the business are pivotal for financial survival. The business should always make reforms as much as they can so that they business can thrive and move to greater margins as per the plans of the managers when they started the business. Most importantly, team work is also an important tool in ensuring that the success of the organization is realized. Therefore, working together helps the managed to work in harmony, because in most cases, they will be reasoning together.

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