Belonging speech: Overview

Published: 2021-09-27 16:10:03
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She stood in the middle of the hall of an unfamiliar house, where the wind washed against the windows as she heard a howling noise. Her empty eyes saw the old picture frames, of her father as teenager, as the hallway light flickering on and off. As she walked down the hall the floorboards creaked with every step she would take. The smell of her grandmother weaved past her nose, taking her back to a time she had forgotten about. I sat down with my grandmother; looking at old photographs she had keep through out the years.
They were old & had tacky edges but with Just one look at the photo, I imagined my father walking in at a time like this. I imagined his face, knowing I was safe & with someone who would look after me. But every time I remembered what he looked like, I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like if he saw me like this. My father wasn't one to say much but he never, liked to see me upset or cry. I threw my head back and tasted the tears. I knew I would miss him, but not this much. He was of average height, with dark hair and olive skin & was always Joking around.
I know that I was, and would always be, his daughter and that no matter what happened in between he would always make a way to bring her home. Belonging. Belonging is the important need or want to be a part of ones self, a place, a group, or the boarder of community. When one 'Belongs' they feel that they are accepted & welcome, are contempt with their position within society. As such, Belonging is primarily an internal feeling & is determined by the individual. I will explore the view of the simple gift', 'Immigrants' ; my own creative writing called "My Fathers Daughter".

In my three texts I have chosen you develop a personalized detailed appreciation of the concept 'Belonging. Each of these texts entorces the reader on a new concept ot belonging & now one individual can see things differently. 'The simple gift' explores the relationship between a young man & an old man & shows the perspective of three different characters. Each character brings out there own personal contexts of the idea of Belonging. Old bill, in "The Simple Gift" shows & expresses the connection this man has with culture & life & how he sees himself pon society. The wind & rain hits you in the face with the force of a fathers punch". This quote from the poem 'cold' in "the simple gift" shows us that Billy, the main character, is trying to escape from the violence of his own home life. The weather is used in many ways to convey atmosphere; to set a scene. My image 'Immigrants' shows mood & tone, dull colours represent 'loss of identity, this is seen through their washed out faces, ; the artist has used recurring interest in notions of 'Belonging. There are signs of hope & displacement shown is this image .
The image deals with the theme of migrant experiences & what changes the individual has undergone. A decision to start a new life in hope to have a positive outcome. With individuals experiencing change to belong to a certain group or place, in "My Fathers Daughter" you see a sign of once belonging, she once knew she belonged with her father. Through the death of her father you imagine how her emotional state, leaving her emotionally unstable, limiting her to not belonging anymore. Looking back at old photos symbolizes the happiness her father brought, the same as n 'The Simple Gift'. l love this place, I love the flow of the cold water over the rocks. " The poem Westfield Creek opens with the repetition of the words "l love this". The author 'Henrick proceeds to list the natural elements through which Billy finds a sense of identity ; belonging to a place. Theretore it becomes evident t at n through choosing not to belong can enhance a group's ability to create a separate identity. It is important to create to form connections with the wider world before this identity can hold any meaning.

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