Beowulf and Hercules

Published: 2021-09-28 14:10:03
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Beowulf and Hercules Beowulf and Hercules are both extremely heroic characters with tons of characteristics that make them that seem that way. Both Hercules and Beowulf are very well known heroes that have had stories told about them for hundreds and hundreds of years. They both have similarities and differences but the similarities definitely outweigh the differences.
Beowulf and Hercules similarities are so much alike they are pretty much the same character in different stories. Both Beowulf and Hercules are great warriors that wanted nothing more than to help and protect the people they knew, one example that shows this is how Beowulf was called “the mighty protector of men” (Part one, section two). They both killed the same type of mythical creatures in their stories. “I give thanks that I behold all of this treasure in front of me. (Part two, section nine)- This shows how generous of a person the character is and Hercules is just the same. “A word so massive no ordinary man could lift, he drew it from its scabbard” (Part one, section two) shows the similarities between both Hercules and Beowulf in that they used the same basic weapon and not anything fancy, just their hands and sword. There are very few differences between these characters. One is that Hercules is known as a God and Beowulf is only just a king.
Another difference between the two is that Beowulf is a mortal that can possibly die in battle and Hercules is an immortal that is pretty much impossible to kill. As you can see both Hercules and Beowulf are two great heroes that are very protective over the people. They are so powerful they can kill magnificent creatures with just their bare hand or a sword. To are both two of the greatest heroes known to literature today.

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