Brent Staples’ Black Men and Public Spaces

Published: 2021-09-28 20:55:03
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Antoinette Johnson English 100 Prof. Horna October 3, 2012 In the essay “The second shift”, by Arlie Hochschild, he explains how the wives of two-job families with small children typically work an extra 24-hour day in a year, between the pages 145(bottom) and 148(top). I agree with Hochschild’s determination because once women come home from first shift, they go straight into second shift. Whereas men come home from first shift, and get to pick and choose when to work second shift.
Most men wonder why the level of affection is lacking in the home. I believe that the man in two-job families with small children are optimistic about the things that should be done around the house. I believe that they feel because they’re the “dominant” figure, that the women are supposed to do the majority of the work around the house. Then the men/husbands start to feel a type of way because the women become resentful,.
I don’t blame the men for their actions, I blame the fathers and their father’s father for not showing them the correct way to uphold their households. In my eyes women has always been the life support or backbone of any family. So really the women are the “dominant” figure. It takes a strong individual to work an eight-hour shift, then come home to cook and clean for another eight-hours. To also cater to the children and husbands with all their needs. Women should demand more help from their husbands during the second shift.

That extra 24 hours should be split between the two of them. If women stood up for themselves more often, men would start to appreciate them more while still in the relationship instead of when their relationship is over. In conclusion, as time goes on, the younger generations will get it together, I believe. Husbands and wives need to come together and make arrangements to better uphold the home. A more understanding husband plus a more no holds bar wife equals a better home.

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