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Published: 2021-10-01 03:15:05
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Reports that: If you believe that Faceable will continue to dominate and hold its market size, and if you believe that they will be able to successfully walk the minefield of self-issued currencies, then the result will be important. In approximate terms, think about Papal-scaled importance, order of magnitude. Note the assumptions there. Faceable have a shot at the title, because they have massive size and uncontested control of their user base. (Google, Apple, Microsoft could all do the same thing, and in a sense, hey already are... The more important assumption is how well they avoid the minefield of self-issued currencies. The problem here is that there are no books on it, no written lore, no academic seat of learning, nothing but the school of hard-knocks. To their credit, Faceable have already learnt quite a bit from the errors of their immediate predecessors. Which is no mean feat, as historically, self-issuers learn very little from their forebears, which is a good predictor of things to come?
Of the currency issuers that spring up, 99% are destined to walk on a mine. Worse, they can see the mine in front of them, they successfully aim for it, and walk right onto it with aplomb. No help needed at all. And, with 15 years of observation, I can say that this is quite consistent. Why? I think the reporter t is self-issuer you have to be independent enough to not need advice from anyone, which will be familiar to business observers as the entrepreneur-type.
Others will call it arrogant, pig-headed, too darned confident; for is own good, but I prefer to call it entrepreneurial spirit; Per the reporter. The issuance of money is something that is typically beyond most people's ken at an academic or knowledge level. Usage of money is something that we all know, and all learnt at age 5 or so. We can all put predictions in at this level, and some players can make good Judgments (such as Peter Video's Predictions for Faceable Credits in 2012). The reporter seems to be straight forward on the topic.

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