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Published: 2021-10-01 03:30:06
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I finished high school , left the small town , attended college and received not one, but three agrees . The object of goal setting is to make sure the goals are attainable and realistic. The personal goals I have set for myself are to complete the coursework and dissertation for this DAB program , by December 2016. In order to achieve these goals , I must do my best in the coursework assignments, work on becoming a better writer , and continue to stay focused and determined . According to Tuttle (1998), "Long-term goals can be broken down Into two parts .
Conceptual, which are your wants and needs , and operational, which are the steps you take to meet those wants and needs. The professional experience I have come from customer service within the retail industry and student financial services , within the outwear college system . A part of me has always wanted to Journey to the other side of things with the college system . Instead of dealing with students on a daily basis , I want to make the decisions that affect the college but benefit the students . I could be a Director of a department within the college system .
The second professional goal is to transition over into an Adjunct professor . Even though I have a MBA; I do not have the 18 hours in a certain area that required . I have checked Into courses such as; Business Communications and Small Business Management. As of now my specialization is self-design. I am on the fence about switching over to finance . I know timing Is of the essence . Hopefully by the end of this year I am capable of making a choice that Is right for me. Enrolling Into Wallet's DAB program Is sure to give me the educational skills to reach my 2 goals .

Strengths , weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis
According to Frenzy (2013) "A SWOT analysis can offer helpful perspectives at any stage of an effort . In the workplace, managers or supervisors might use SWOT for employee reviews . The employees , themselves can conduct a personal SWOT analysis to maximize their effectiveness". Self- you . However , this is a time to admit your short comings , ways to turn weaknesses into strengths , and execute them, in order to progress .
The strengths I have listed are whom I am as an individual .
I am Independent, organized , pro-active, analytical , and time management . I show my strengths in my personal and professional life . However , in order to enhance my strengths in my professional life , I should utilize my opportunities . It is good to analyze your individual strengths , but hen it comes to the workplace, put oneself in the employer 's place when considering strong points.
Sarasota (2009) states , "Understanding your weaknesses is important because our weaknesses are what we tend to focus on more often ". My weaknesses are; overbearing, demanding , and I am uncomfortable speaking in front of large audiences . In order to turn my weaknesses into strengths , I will do the following , be more opened minded , better listener , less critical , and practice speaking in front of friends and family ; in order 1 to become a polished speaker . Once I accomplish that , I can then move on to speaking in front of larger crowds .
External forces are the opportunities listed. I can use my opportunities to minimize my threats .
Example , continuing to further my education could assist me with moving up within the company , or help with transitioning to another position at a different company . If you need a push in your career advancement or search , use a personal SWOT Analysis. This will give you the ability to enhance your strengths , understand your weaknesses , acknowledge opportunities for progress , and overcome your threats.
Acknowledge your threats and then figure out how to overcome them. There will always be challenges and hurdles to cross .

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