Cognetive psychology

Published: 2021-09-27 14:40:03
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This is False; Jane Eliot simply asked her previous students if they thought the exercise would be good for students or teachers and her students answered that it would be good for both. She never expressed that all teachers should do her experiments. 4) This is True. 5) This True. part 3. 1) This quotation is from "The Limitless Heart" written by Fenton Johnson.
This quotation is expressing how people are so willing to hold in their emotions, hiding heir true feelings. I was emotional caught with Johnson statement "This much he and I share: as a gay man who grew up in the rural South, I am no stranger to hiding. " This quotation is meaningful because there is always someone in every culture who doesn't want the same life or have the same believes as their family, but they have to hide it because they do not want to be hated by the people they love the most. ) This quotation is from " Male-Female Conversations is Cross-cultural Communication" written by Deborah Tannen. I would agree with Tannen's statement because in every culture, women want nothing more than to be heard, especially by their husbands because it shows that they care and understand the emotions their wives are going through. 3) This quotation is from "Wounds that Never Heal" written by Mariama L. Barrie. Barrie is expressing the pain not only she felt, but the pain of all the women in her tribe during their genital mutilation.
She expressed that women ho perform these procedures are unaware of the dangers they put the little girls through, with a wound that may heal psychically but never emotionally. 4) This quotation is from "Ethnocentrism" written by William B. Gudykunst. I agree with Gudykunst statement about everyone being ethnocentric because we are all raised differently, causing us to have a specific preference of acting a certain way or doing a specific thing. It is natural and unwilling tor us to Judge others based standards and cultural experience. Part 4. on our own

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