Current Article: Deviance & Control

Published: 2021-09-29 09:45:03
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Category: Crime, Sociology, Deviance, Fallacy

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Current Article: Deviance & Control I chose an article from the Atlanta Metro Newspaper. The article I chose to write about had to do with Bishop Eddie Long and his ex-wife’s allegations of his beating her throughout their marriage. There is a lot going on in the news about Mr. Long and his allegations of sexual coercion with four young men. If this isn’t a form of deviance, than I don’t what is. I know deviance deals with crime that that break cultural norms and this subject breaks a lot of our cultural norms as Americans.
You would think that a Bishop would not fit this topic at all, but it just goes to show that anyone is capable of committing a crime, even a Bishop. I feel that the author uses different sociological perspectives. This article isn’t necessarily trying to get the reader to believe that Mr. Long is guilty of these allegations; the author is simply stating that it is out of the norm to hear about a Bishop being accused of beating his wife and sexual coercion. With a fallacy, an argument of some sort should be brought up in the case. The fallacy of logic in this article is whether or not Mr.
Long is guilty of the allegations brought by his wife of domestic violence during their marriage. This would actually be a deductive argument being that his wife is a witness and that the argument contains some form of evidence that could back this allegation up. Another fallacy brought up in this article is accusing Mr. Long of sexual coercion on four counts with four different victims. This fallacy would also be an example of a deductive argument because it involves victims who are actual witnesses to the crime. I actually would not have treated the subject any different.

The author used great reasoning for her belief and opinion throughout the article which is how I would have handled the subject. Just because Mr. Long is a Bishop, does not mean that he should be treated any different in this situation. This is not the first case of a pastor or bishop being accused for such allegations. I know for me and my cultural, it is just shocking to see and African American Bishop of a Baptist church being accused for two different harsh allegations.
Link: http://www. ajc. com/news/dekalb/bishop-eddie-long-ex-646136. html

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