Published: 2021-09-27 23:50:03
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Discrimination has similar meaning as Inequity or favouritism. Discrimination is a considerable common problem throughout the world. Especially girls have to face discrimination everywhere in the world. For example in the remote areas of Pakistan like Sindh, girls school entries are less as compared to boys and girls are forced to stay at home and help in household tasks. This Is the vulnerable misery of the girl child in our society.
By depriving to the right of education girls are also deprived from the benefits which are associated with education for example Job right and right to ake decisions or simply one can say that girls are deprived of liberty. Same is the situation for girls while taking their marital decisions. Girls are not allowed to choose spouse of their own choice but boys are free to take such declslons.
Similarly, other discriminations also exist In our society for example even in this modern era when some Jobs are announced it is clearly mentions on the job advertisement that only males can apply this Is profession discrimination. Also in some cases females are not given equal status as male staff and females have to face allot of problems related to heir Jobs.

Beside these, there are also other examples of discriminations in many societies for example Indian society is one of the best examples of discrimination on the basis of caste, lower castes are not allowed to make any relation with people who belong to upper caste. Discrimination on the basis of class Is also common In some societies many countries can be coated in this aspect of discrimination like Indian society. Also Sometimes an individual with disabilities is treated badly if some misshapen occur due to his disability, this type of discrimination arises from isabilities of people.
Discrimination on the basis of colour is also existing in westerns societies where white people are given more importance than black people but now the trends are changing with increasing education. Education is the key that can change the behaviour of people towards gender discrimination and bring changes specially in developing countries Ilke Pakistan. Education Is essential to end gender unfairness, but first of all elimination of poverty is must that makes discrimination even worse In the developing world.

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