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Published: 2021-09-27 22:50:04
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Art has always been Important to society. The art Influence and modify to society and which Is formed societys understanding and era. Especially visual arts such as paintings and photographs all important for know better. For example: Jaime Olaya's painting La Famllla and Dorthea Lange's photograph Migrant Mother. I am going to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Migrant Mother and La Familia.
There are some similarities between the two. The first similarity is their space. That artworks space is crowded and overlapping. Because the figures are large. Another similarity is composition. Both works are capturing a mother and her children. Although there are some similarities but there are several kinds of differences between Migrant Mother and La Familia. The first difference is their era. Migrant mother was made in twentieth century but Migrant Mother was made in nineteenth century.
Migrant mother colors are muddy and cool on the other hand La familia colors are colorful and bright. Another difference Is their balance. Migrant mother balance Is the mother head is slightly proportional and level with the children's had. La famllla balance Is Mother's head Is not level at all not proportional. Another Important difference Is mood. Migrant mother mood Is depressing, worried, fear and very downhearted. All the same la familia mood Is happy, comforting, loving, peaceful and warm.

Migrant mother message is struggling mother for her children and to overcome hard times with together. In addition to La Familia message is a mother holding her children with passion and love. Another difference is interpretation. I mean migrant mother interpretation is realistic but La Familia interpretation is artistic. Because Migrant Mother is seen reality of life. All in all I believe art should tell the truth but at the same time adduce beauty of life. So these artworks are one of best their period.

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