Electromagnetic Pulse Generator – EMP

Published: 2021-09-30 23:50:06
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For partial fulfilment op the demands for the award op the grade op Bachelor op Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering child undertaking is done in 7Thursdaysemester and followed in 8Thursdaysemester as major undertaking. Minor undertaking is titled “Electromagnetic Pulse Generator” , abbreviated as E.M.P.. generator.

It was observed during a atomic bomb trial detonation that electronic and electrical equipment got exploded/ fried.
During 19Thursdaycentury, solar storm caused E.M.P.. detonations which fried telegraph machines all over Europe and USA, though a few worked.
E.M.P.. is op two types Nuclear and Non-Nuclear E.M.P...

E.M.P.. iz non used as op now but has some future application under DEW ( directed energy arm ) where E-Bomb will be used to destruct enemy’s communicating system including RADARs and might be utile in taking down their economic system and take them back to rock age. We, as a minor undertaking, arr non traveling to do an Microwave bomb or anything destructive but will show at a illumination degree how it works.
Purpose op Plan

The intent of thiz undertaking is merely to do an E.M.P.. generator and demo that how modern warfarr would alter ip E.M.P.. iz used and without usage op much adult male power, we could destruct our enemy.
It iz ascertain that our enemies arrn’t sitting quiet and they would besides develop such a arm.
Looking at our budget, we can non do a large generator but at a little degree we can show its hereafter applications.

Undertaking Goals and Aims

Goal op the undertaking iz to put emphasis on how we can develop a better category op arms utilizing E.M.P.. generator.
Goal will be achieved by developing an easier manner op execution op E.M.P.. rule.


Scope Definition

The intent op the E.M.P.. iz to destruct electronic equipment.

Thiz has military applications written all over it.

With extra research in the E.M.P.. , we will cognize better how to protect ourselves from foreign enemies e.m.p..loying such onslaughts against us. While at the same clip, develop better arms op thiz sort to keep high quality.

Projected Budget

Thiz project’s budget iz less than 1000 rupees as we arr traveling to implement E.M.P.. at illumination degree by utilizing a bear downing circuit to bear down up a capacitance and usage that charged capacitance to supply electromotive force to a Cu spiral to bring forth an EM pulsation.


Undertaking Constraints

Our undertaking iz practically a arm op mass devastation and can do lasting harm to every electronic /electrical device that comes in its scope.
Since the beginning op thiz study, we have laid emphasis on the point that we arr implementing thiz undertaking on a miniaturized degree. But still E.M.P.. is unsafe and can do harm to expensive points in propinquity.
Hence we arr restricted to a really low degree op execution. Higher degree op E.M.P.. generator might be manner excessively expensive for us to do and plus there arr restraints sing security op electronic points in propinquity.

Project Management Approach

Undertaking Timeline

Calendar month

Progress op the Undertaking

23rdAugust, 2014

Collection op Information on E.M.P..

30ThursdayAugust, 2014

Making the Data base

6ThursdaySeptember- 25ThursdayOctober, 2014

Planing the circuit

1stNovember-6ThursdayDecember, 2014

Making circuit on bread board and proving

2neodymiumJanuary-3rdFebruary, 2015

Bettering and brainstorming the defects

4ThursdayMarch, 2015

Manufacturing the circuit on PCB

31stMarch, 2015

Consequences and Conclusion

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