Essay on Sensory Characteristics of Food

Published: 2021-09-29 22:50:04
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Food tech. Assessment Task Sensory characteristics of food.
A. Appearance, the appearance of the caramelized apple tart was very good, the tart itself was a golden brown colour, the caramel apple mixture was a thick caramel brown colour which tasted really good, the serving of icecream on the side was left for a little bit to long as it began to melt which gave the whole overall appearance not such a great look.
B. Color, the color of the caramelized apple tart was a mixture of deep golden-brown tarts with a caramel light brown apple sauce which was quite thick and a creamy white serve of half melted ice cream. These arrange of colors made the entire dish look very appealing due to the contrast of vibrant colors

C. Aroma, the aroma of the caramelized apple tart was rich in flavorful smells. My senses were uplifted by the engaging aroma because it smelt so good.
D. Taste, the taste of the caramelized apple tart was very satisfying, the constrasting of both cold ice cream and hot tart went down smoothly, ice cream was a little bit melted but this did not affect the taste in anyway, overall very tasty dish
E. Texture, the texture of the caramelized apple tart was quite nice, the tart itself was smooth and slightly crispy.
The apples in the caramel mixture were very soft and the caramel was a little bit thick. Ice cream was smooth but slightly melted.
3. Explain 3 functional properties that occur.
Dextrinization is a process in which starch is converted into dextrins. Dextrin’s are any various polysaccharide which has been collected by the starch. This is made possible by the application of heat or acids. Dextrinization is mainly used as a thickening agent or a rising tool. Dextrinization occurs in Step 5 “bake for 15mins or until golden brown” this is referring to the puff pastry.
Aeration is a process in which air comes into contact with a food. Aeration occurs in Step 6 during the Beating of the eggs.
Denaturation is a process in which proteins loose their structures and denature because of external factors like heat or stress. Denaturing occurs in the protein strands of the eggs when they are beated until stiff, the eggs loose their structures and denature.
4. Make two recommendations for the improvement of the dish.
If I could start over I would change the following: first I would use proper scales to measure ingredients correctly ather than eye guessing weights because I didn’t have proper scaling equipment. This would improve my final product because all ingredients would be correct measured out and this would finalise in a more accurate satisfying final dish.
The second improvement I would make would have been not to leave the ice cream out because it began to melt. This would have helped to improve my dish because the the ice cream would have been easier to eat as apposed to a liquid mess and the presentation would have looked a lot better. Thank You.

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