Ethical Behavior in Business

Published: 2021-10-01 07:35:06
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Thinking about the old saying "Ignorance is no excuse" would apply in business as ell as in our personal life. (Amateur, 2005) It is best to study the business culture of all businesses all over the world, when dealing with International business, all avenues should be addressed before conducting business In different locations. There could be all kinds of bad business practices lawsuits If someone was to go to another country and did not understand the culture of that country. For instance in Mexico they believe that having a siesta during midday production that will help increase their production.
Siesta time is usually from pm - pm and it's the time to eat or sleep. In the United States most employers give their employees one hour for lunch, It would cause someone to lose their Job If they told their supervisor that they was taking a siesta for 2 hours. That Is why It Is very important to study the culture and all the business practices of all countries so that companies would not be involved in bad or corrupt business transactions. Just because something is legal in the U. S. Does not mean that it would be legal in another country.
Most places follow different ethic rules and regulations based on their morals. When showing concern for good behavior that Is the best way to describe ethics, wowing consideration and making sure others are treated the same and equal are the best way to have good business ethics. It's very much the same as the way we treat our family and friends on a day to day basis, whatever people do in life has consequences because of how we act or not act is another way to describe business ethics, mainly by following the regulations and rules that are expected to be followed by laws and other authority.

Knowing that if your business earned only $10,000 for the week and you have earned only $7,000 from sales that week and your payroll office process (checks to the employees and companies that distribute products on a weekly basis) and knowing that all the checks will not clear because there is not enough money to pay all the expenses, this would be unethical and not good for the business. Do take their business serious and follow the rules of good business ethics.
Its best to work with people that have great business goals and taking care of the needs and necessities of the business versus working with someone that really do not care about goals only about how much money they can earn. When a business has good ethical behavior is will show because it would be positive ND appropriate. Morally anyone would rather go too clothing store that is neat and clean and the clothes are matching in colors and styles and accessories are available.
As a woman I would not feel comfortable shopping in a store that was messy and not clean and everything look like it had been on the floor and not on hangers, the appearance would be unethical and I would not shop where I felt the morals were low or that the owners seem to not care or have any business ethics. The way you can tell if a business is running under good ethical business tactics loud be by the employees work and the overall concept of the organizational actions.
A business that does not have good ethics can be spotted right away, if the managers are lazy and don't have any care about helping their clients or customers and the other employees act the same way, the sales will not be great because of all the negativity. When you see employees that are happy, and enjoy their Jobs and all the perks and benefits they will take care of their clients or customers.
Each Job should make sure that all their employees, including supervisors, managers and everyone Keep high org ethics standards 100% of the time, this helps the business or organization moving in a positive direction. By keeping employees involved with the organization such as conducting training and keeping courses available to improve their performance by communication the mission, and the objectives and actions as an employee there this most definitely would keep the encouragement of positive ethical behaviors to help all benefits for the employees and the organization as well as clients or customers.
It's sad that all business and organization do not have good business ethics and that is why they eave a revolving door as far as keeping good employees. Business ethics have been shown through study of all human conduct, as far as emphasis on being right or wrong, this shows that they follows the rules dealing with principles and standards by the way they handle business ethics.
The principles and standards that shows marketing conduct that is acceptable is called marketing ethics and its determined by the organization different owners and stakeholders that relate to all the marketing activity. The three main principles that help a business earn trust and have long marketing relationships are the following: Sales * Distribution For instance Fox News Channel always seem to talk negative about democrats, or anyone that is associated with the democratic party. "l challenge anybody to show me an example of bias in Fox News Channel. (Rupert Morocco (Salon, 3/1101) Ethical behavior and code of ethics requires people to act appropriate and follow the law of the land, which shows exactly what the business ethics are on a day to day basis. "Business ethics and the codes that formally define it always include elements that go beyond strict legality; they demand adherence to a higher standard" (Useless. Com) People know that we are not supposed to steal or lie to employers on their Job, but they continue to do so with no regrets until they are caught.
In 2002, legislation passed the (SOX) Serbians-Solely Act which requires all corporation to publish their code of ethics to ensure that people who trade in stock, must publish their code of ethics with any changes to the codes when they are updated, most small businesses are not required to publish their code of ethics, only because they do not have an option with public trade. I feel that organizations should always show and perform with positive ethical induct all the time, this shows that their business practices are consistently and appropriate for their business ethics.
Whenever you see a business that is not doing well the first thing you should look at would be how ethically sound is that business, from the start of dealing with the business, if you notice the business that do not have good morale or work ethics instilled. You will find that this business do not keep employees long because the positive employees with good ethics will leave and find a company that has the needs and business ethics they are looking for as far as a good work environment.
In my pinion a business that does not operate with ethics will not function right and when you earn money that has not been earned in an honest way it will not last long because people do reap what they sow, if you plant negative a crooked seeds that is what you will grow in the long run. The best policy would be for a company to have good business ethics and integrity, without these Two main factors for any business they will surely have problems with their business running without issues. The definition lists ethical as "pertaining to or dealing with morals, or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in induct... Ewing in accordance with the rules and standards, for right conduct or practice, especially the standards of a profession. " (Dictionary. Com) (2012) Look at the two types of Jobs and the ethical behaviors in these two businesses it is Company A Company B Distrust between co-workers and supervisors Trust supervisors No ethical codes Mission Statement and Ethical Codes High Stress Employees that love their Job The employees that would be happier on their Job would be the ones that work for Company B, and the ones that work for Company A, will nine times out often find another Job or leave cause of all the stress.
The company that has been known in the news lately that has not used good ethics toward the women that work there is Wall-Mart, there is lawsuits filed stating that the women earn less money than the men even when they do the same Job, this does not seem to affect their sales, but if this issue is not solved in the future, there may be problems hiring women that have good ethical skills.
The process of hiring and promoting employees should never take gender in account. The time we live in now has standards that are useful and meaningful to all organizations, treat the customer with respect and kindness and all women and all en should be treated equally or the same.
The two main focuses for business communication are: * Business to Business * Business to employees There are four steps of recognition of positive outcomes for ethical businesses they would include Understanding the issue, making a Judgment, establishing intentions and engaging in moral Behavior (Sings, Vital, Katie, and Clark, 2007) When someone has a mentor to ask questions or to communicate with that helps deal with any issue that they may have problems with. An experienced mentor can help when there may been no one else to hear about the ethical issues" (Anonymous, 010) People that are part of your business network should be clear of any ethical problems that are happening so that they can't Judge any business ethics by other people included in the business network. There should be ethical values, morals and social responsibility included in all corporate business structure or organization.
The case with Bernie Maddox is a great example of someone that was smart and a con-artist at the same time, he is now serving time in prison for securities fraud, for having people to trust him and by manipulating their minds to invest into his Opinion scheme. He claimed that as an investor that he had millions upon millions of dollars from major corporations, which in reality he did not, and people were investing into Madam's hedge funds, or the business? Name Ascot Partners. Maddox reported to his clients that these hedge funds would provide double digit returns (Lender, 2008). People should have known something was wrong when they received their financial statements showing that they these hedge funds would produce such large returns. I think these people liked seeing that their money had doubled and did not want to know the real truth of the matter. Maddox did not have any ethics and this affected so any people and their life savings.
Now Maddox is serving 150 years in prison, he will die in prison for being an unethical person and cheating people out of all that money. Integrity, I am sure they knew what he was doing or how he was lying to all those people. The organization that has strong influences for ethical behavior in the professional arena that set the regulations by the government and committees such as SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) definitely have to keep good ethical standards because they are leading by example for ethics being done in the right manner.
Another example of a company that went bad because of unethical behavior was Enron, their problems started a lot more regulations for companies to promote and follow to ensure ethical behavior is being done the right way. There will always be a company or companies that do not follow the ethical rules and regulations, but I think more companies are trying to be more ethical with their work ethics and organizations.
People tend to follow the rules if they know that the consequences are worse than they can handle and this may be reasons for more companies doing the right thing. There was a guy that worked with my sister a few years ago with the city, he had a professional accountant position and earned six figures and he had worked there in the same department for over 30 years he was eligible to retire soon, he was on his computer at work looking at pornographic material for 6 hours out of the eight that he was supposed to working, he lost his Job and he gets no retirement.

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