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Published: 2021-09-28 18:25:03
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Jason Lorenzo Lumabas ENGLCOM (WC) The Digestive System One of the miracles of the human body is how it possesses the characteristics of machines; specifically that of a juicer. It breaks down and extracts vitamins and minerals from everything that it ingests. To be specific, the digestive system is the system of organs responsible for getting food into and out of the body and turning the food we eat into energy (Seibert, 2011). It is one of the wonders of our body that keeps us alive.
In fact, keeping a healthy digestive system can actually boost one’s lifep. According to Watson (2011), a lot of people suffer from chronic diseases but only a few realize that these are the result of impaired digestion. Overall health begins in the gut that is why having poor digestion will encourage the development of different illnesses. Thus, by having a good digestive health a person increases the chances of prolonging his life by having a healthy diet but people nowadays tend to eat whatever they please. Majority does not really care about how nutritious their food is as long as they satisfy their hunger.
Little do these people know that what they eat can affect their body system. Sztainer (2008) provides recommendations to maintain a healthy body and good eating habits. First, unhealthy eating must be counteracted with long-term eating behaviors which will also help in the promotion of positive body image. Second, eating together as a family and talking about how to maintain a healthy living will help as well. As a matter of fact, eating alone can lead to depression (Kimura et al. , 2012) that will greatly affect the eating habits of an individual thus making the person unhealthy.

Therefore, following these recommendations will impede poor nutritional health. Another factor that greatly decreases the health of the digestive system are disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are two of the most dreaded eating disorders afflicting men and women. According to Sonenklar (2011), Anorexia nervosa, or just anorexia, is a combination of emotional, psychological, and biological disorders that affects the body. People with anorexia fear weight gain and are obsessed with their bodies. They restrict themselves from eating too much because they are afraid to appear big.
On the other hand, she states that bulimics are those who eat excessively and later purge it, because of their act of binge eating. They become depressed and tend to engage themselves in dangerous methods that will help them lose the weight they gained from eating too much. These disorders also affect the disease-fighting mechanism of the human body since the gastrointestinal tract consists of two-thirds of the immune system. There are many ways to prevent diseases that involve not only the digestive system but also the other systems of the body. One of these ways is having probiotics in one’s system.
Probiotics can help in keeping the digestive system working well. In fact, probiotics can reverse illnesses related to the gut. Louis (2012) asserts that it is important to have a good amount of probiotics in one’s system especially if the intake of processed foods and low fiber diets is high because it will abate the colon function. Another way to prevent these illnesses is enzyme supplementation in a person’s diet. A good amount of enzyme can improve a person’s overall digestion. It also reduces the effects of aging and inflammation of muscles and joint pain. Enzymes boost the immune system and cleanse the body from allergic reactions.
The author also mentions that pasteurized foods and beverages should be avoided because they destroy enzymes. In conclusion, a lot of factors should be considered in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Engaging one’s self in doing these will result to a well and prolonged life. Having a healthy digestive system also means having a healthy central nervous system. These two systems are closely related to each which is why a new field of study possible called Neurogastroenterology sprung. These two vital systems serve as some kind of elixir to the human body that is why they should be kept well at all times.

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