Fast Food and Students

Published: 2021-09-28 09:00:03
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With the development of technology, the students' consumption habits also change dramatically. The more smart phone and more sweet heart fast food. This sample report can show us degree students' habits on those ways clearly. Like, what kind of smart phone is the mainstream among the students? What kind of fast foods are students' favorite?
From this figure, it is found that most of students like McDonald's, there are 32 students for 64%. The second favorite fast food is Subway and KEF. There are 6 students like KEF and 6 students like Subway. For Pizza Hut, there are Just 4 students like it for 12%. Thus, Just few of students like other kind of fast food for 2 person.

The Islam is the second most religion for 20%. It is found that Christian and Catholic Church are 4% and 4% respectively.
From these figures, I can find more than 90% students' age are from 19 to 24. Apple and Samsung the mainstream in their life, almost 85% students like these two brands. Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung are also the best companies. It is no doubt that McDonald's is the most favorite fast food among students. Lastly, for religion, the most biggest religion is Buddhism, and almost half students do no have religion for .

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