Gate log system using rf-id reader

Published: 2021-09-30 23:10:06
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1.1 What is RFID
Short for wireless frequence designation, RFID is a dedicated short scope communicating ( DSRC ) engineering. The term RFID is used to depict assorted engineerings that use wireless moving ridges to automatically place people or objects. RFID engineering is similar to the saloon codification designation systems we see in retail shops everyday ; nevertheless one large difference between RFID and saloon codification engineering RFID does non trust on the line-of-sight reading that saloon codification scanning requires to work.
1.2 Why RFID

In an progressively disconnected, regulated, and unsure universe, Texas Instruments ' ( TI ) RFID engineering gives concerns, authoritiess, and consumers a safe, private, and unnoticeable manner to maintain path of it all.
Consumers benefit from shorter lines at check-out procedure counters, in infirmaries, libraries, and gas Stationss because RFID fast-tracks them to the forepart of the waiting line. They can besides profit from lower monetary values because of the efficiencies RFID brings to the supply concatenation.
Business and establishments are turning to RFID engineering as they comply with authorities product-tracking ordinances, seeking to restrict larceny, cut down out-of-stock losingss, strengthen trade name trueness, and do interaction with clients a more positive experience.
RFID is a mature, exhaustively tested engineering. In most RFID applications, the period of tests, proving, and economic feasibleness surveies is over. Large-scale RFID system rollouts are underway.
1.3 RFID Application Overview
There are about as many RFID applications as there are concern types. Titanium has established a leading place in these basic classs:

Automotive- Auto-makers have added security and convenience into an car by utilizing RFID engineering for anti-theft immobilizers and passive-entry systems.

Animal Tracking- Ranchers and farm animal manufacturers use RFID engineering to run into export ordinances and optimise farm animal value. Wild animate beings are tracked in ecological surveies, and many pets that are tagged are returned to their proprietors.

Asset Tracking- Hospitals and pharmaceuticss meet tough merchandise answerability statute law with RFID ; libraries limit larceny and maintain books in circulation more expeditiously ; and athleticss and amusement enterprisers find that `` smart tickets '' are their ticket to a better underside line and happier clients.
Contact less Payments- Blue-chip companies such as American Express, Exxon Mobil, and MasterCard use advanced signifier factors enabled by TI RFID engineering to beef up trade name trueness and encouragement gross per client.
Supply Chain- WalMart, Target, BestBuy, and other retail merchants have discovered that RFID engineering can maintain stock lists at the optimum degree, cut down out-of-stock losingss, bound shrinkage, and velocity clients through check-out lines.

About from the beginning, TI was there: assisting set up criterions ; back uping the RFID supply concatenation of inlay and label makers ; and systematically using leading-edge semiconducting material engineering to the nucleus of RFID, the transponder.
1.4 Why this undertaking is of import
What we are be aftering to make is a gate log system based on the new engineering which is the RF-ID READER, the user will hold a CARD that will let him to come in the gate, when he acquire near to the gate the receiving system will observe the card and read the informations stored on the card wirelessly by mean of the rf-id reader.
The microcontroller on the receiving system will read the informations from the RF-ID reader and if the user is allowed to come in the microcontroller will give the signal to open the motor ( gate ) .else a message will look on the LCD and the motor will non open.
An of import portion of our undertaking is the Personal computer interfacing so all of the operations and the event will be displayed on a log tabular array.
1.5 System block diagram:
The chief constituents that will be used

movie microcontroller ( pic16f876A )
DC-motor ( little motor for simulate open/close )
Consecutive interface bit ( this bit will manage the electromotive force degrees between the microcontroller and the personal computer )
RF ID-reader
H-bridge this is a will known circuit which have two inputs from the microcontroller to drive the motor clock wise or counter clock wise
LCD ( liquid crystal show ) that will be used to expose the user figure and any coveted notes such as ( non known user )

1.6 Features that leads to take ID-12d as the rf-id reader for this undertaking:

It requires 5V supply ( it can be supplied from the same supply as movie )
125kHz read frequence ( compatible with most sorts of releasing factor cards )
EM4001 64-bit RFID ticket compatible
9600bps TTL and RS232 end product ( can be connected straight to pic microcontroller utilizing the usart faculty )
100mm read scope ( good reading distance )

1.7 Method of operation
The end product of the rf-id reader is consecutive which will be connected straight to pic microcontroller, when the reader detects any rf-cards in scope it will read it and direct the ruddy informations ( 64-bit ) serially, the microcontroller will have those bytes and hive away them in a twine, so it will compare whether this Idaho is existed or non, this action will be displayed on the liquid crystal display.
If the user is allowed to come in the gate so the microcontroller will publish the bid to the h-bridge to open the dc_motor, wait certain clip so publish the shutting bid.
Besides the microcontroller will direct the information to the personal computer ( serially ) to be stored in a log tabular array
Needed package

mikrobasic compiler, this will be used to compose the codification for the microcontroller
ocular basic.NET, this package will be used to compose the plan that will have the information from the microcontroller and show it on a tabular array.

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