Genetic Testing at Burlington

Published: 2021-09-27 21:05:03
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Genetic Testing at Burlington Northern People wake up everyday, get ready for day, and start off to work. At work we never think about dying or getting hurt. So we do not worry enough , and we believe that our workplace is safe. But unfortunately there were some fatalities, while people at work, this fatalities and accidents are still going on. Companies must care about their workers' safety and keep their environment without any danger. For this reason companies should care about ethical values.
In October 2000, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad's medical department requested a blood test from Gary Avary, in purpose of a DNA test without his permission. Accidentaly he realized that, but Burlington Northern said him that if would not accept this request, he would fired. They tried to cheat their workers and make some irrelevant test about their Carpel tunnel surgery which is against ADA. At the end of this case BSNF settled the suit by agreeing to halt genetic testing and to pay 36 employees $2. 2 million.
Because except this fake for workers, it as some mistakes against workers in work environment. First of all Kantian ethics respet to person, and we never ever should not forget that our workers are human beings like us. You should always snow respect their existence, health and safety. Secondly, BSNF lied about their health conditions. They said reason is deletion of 17th chromosome, but there is not any truth like this, so BSNF playing gamble on one person's life. For utilitarian theory, if you get profit, it does not matter what is going on outside.

But after his illegal situations , BSNF charged great amount money to pay their workers, first of all it is a huge loss. Moreover they put question marks on their workers' mind. The more question marks on heads , the less utility. As i said first, we always want to beliee that we are in safe in our workplace, otherwise we cannot provide any benefit to our company. As a result BSNF gave totally wrong decisions, and they paid it hard. There is no any ethical dilemma for them. They must keep their environment safe not only for their workers, but also for their benefit.

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