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Published: 2021-10-01 09:40:05
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Supply chain management is an important strategic approach to managing corporate assets and liabilities. One CEO of a leading company noted “leading companies view their supply chain as a strategic competitive asset to be maximized and not as a fixed-cost liability on a balance sheet” (AMR, 2007:3). With proper management of a company’s supply chain, the plausibility of shortages or most of the time surplus can be reduced. It is noteworthy to assume that an efficient supply chain is characterized as optimal in use, flexible and highly permeable to innovation.
Here we shall tackle and analyzed the supply chain of Nokia as it expands to India. Corollary to this analysis is the inclusion of the various recommendations and suggestions that may improve the efficiency (and cost-effectiveness) of Nokia’s supply chain. Focus will be rendered specifically to the overall management practices of the corporation (supply chain management). Last year, Nokia required its suppliers to consider ethical issues in its dealings with the company.
Disciplinary working hours, just compensations for employees, and the so-called no-discrimination policy were the results of Nokia’s talks with its suppliers. The general goal is to improve the corporate image both of the company and the supplier in a more constructive business-related way. Terminologies that coincide with accepted human rights conventions were also presented as topics. Hence, the company assumed that such topics (like forced labor) can be discussed in a truly business way.

This will generally reinforce the ties between Nokia and its suppliers, enabling the establishment of a sustainable supply-chain schedule. Hence, the openness of the two parties, will inevitability result to sustainable corporate partnerships. In the case of Nokia’s expansion in India, this approach would be very difficult to approach. If Nokia wishes to call local manufacturers, then it should adjust its policies based on the culture of the country. This would be very risky for the company. It would be better if the company stick to “old” suppliers (since relationship had been built.

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