Global Construction Market

Published: 2021-10-01 09:45:05
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This report provides data and analysis on category-level spending outlooks, budgets, supplier selection criteria, equines challenges and investment opportunities as seen by senior level executives. Furthermore it provides data on the current size of the marketing and advertising budgets and details on how spending will change, providing insight into global marketing behavior; it also identifies future growth, key consumer trends, M&A, and e-procurement across various industries. This report not only grants access to the opinions and strategies of business decision makers and competitors in the global construction industry, but also examines their actions surrounding business oratories and provides access to information categorized by region and size.
The report features the opinions of global construction industry respondents related to the following:

Revenue growth projections
Market-specific growth opportunities
Mergers and acquisitions
Capital expenditure
Leading business concerns
Marketing expenditure trends
Key factors for marketing agency selection
Key highlights
China, India and Brazil are the important emerging markets for growth in 2013 -
Market uncertainty, Cost containments' and Retention and recruitment of skilled staff are the leading business concerns for 2013

Overall, for 2013, the average size of the annual procurement budget identified by senior level executives across industries is projected at IIS$41 million, while the annual marketing budget is identified at IIS$6 million

Quality, Level of service', and Price' are considered the most important factors for supplier selection by senior level respondents in 2013 .
Market intelligence research', CORM systems' and ERP solutions' were identified as the marketing and sales solutions most expected to be invested in during 2013 Reasons to buy.
Project industry trends and revenue growth expectations across industries in 2013 Ana unreason levels AT Dustless consonance to make Motormen Dustless echelons .
Drive revenues by understanding future product investment areas and key growth regions.
Uncover the key challenges and opportunities, and identify the key actions squired to maintain and win business.
Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by identifying how company budgets are changing and the direction of spending in the future.
Better promote your business by aligning your capabilities and business practices with your customer's changing needs.
Secure stronger customer relationships by understanding the behavior and changing strategies of companies.

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