Godiva Confectionary Industry

Published: 2021-10-01 10:05:05
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Introduction Market Market Size and Growth Market Trends Product Offered Competitor Royce Laurent Bernard Micromanagement Factor Micromanagement Factor Market Segmentation Target Market Positioning Reference 3 4 6 7 7-8 8 9 10 11 12 13 14-15 Confectionery industry relates to delicacies or sweetmeats that have sugar as a principal ingredient, combined with coloring matter and flavoring and often with fruit r nuts (All about candy and chocolate, 1958). From all the delicacies that the confectionery industry produces, chocolate is the major product of the confectionery (Remuneration International, 2013).
Goodie Belgium Chocolate was originated by a master chocolate Joseph Draws in 1926, which created a new line of Belgian chocolates with extraordinary richness, premium quality, and iconic style. He sought a name for his company that embodied timeless values balanced with modern boldness. Joseph Draws get His inspiration came from the well-known Saxon legend of Lady Goodie who rode unclothed through he streets of Coventry to entreat her husband, Aloofer the Dane, to lower taxes.
Her courage prevailed, and in Europe she was celebrated in countless works of art (Goodie Chocolate, 2013) In 1966, the Draws family came into contact with the American company Campbell Soup Company, which acquired one-third of a stake in Goodie that year. Thus, the American operation of the company was the first to introduce premium chocolate to the American palette. By 1968, Goodie Chocolate, Inc. , had begun domestic production, using the exclusive Belgian recipes. (Goodie Chocolate, 2013) The many has continued to grow and expand over the years.

The U. S. Plant in Reading, PA, now produces the same amount of chocolate for the U. S. Market as the Belgian plant produces for the rest of the world. There are now over 270 Retail locations as well as over 2000 Wholesale doors. In addition to retail and production, Goodie runs a direct business and a wholesale merchandising sales force across the country. (Goodie Chocolate, 2013) 2. 0. Market As it was stated in the above, Goodie have over 270 retail store location, as well over 2000 wholesale doors that operates in the market.

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