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Published: 2021-09-28 17:10:03
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Both Golden Screen Cinema and TGV Cinema are been classified as click-and-mortar under the types of e-commerce organization. This is because both of Golden Screen Cinema and TGV Cinema are conducting some e-commerce activities but their primary business is still operating in physical world. For Golden Screen Cinema, users are first been requested to sign up an account on its official website (http://www. gsc. com. my/) before they can buy movie tickets online.
After log in to Golden Screen Cinema website, user is able to select their preferable cinema, movie and date to either make reservation or purchase movie ticket. After users select their preference cinema, movie and date, the website will load into another page which request user to select type and amount of ticket and seats as well. After user completed the selecting process, user is provided two types of payment method which are either by direct debit or credit card. The entire process of purchase a Golden Screen Cinema movie ticket which listed above is through digital process.
To collect the movie ticket, user is required to bring along their credit card which used to purchase the ticket online earlier, identity card and the confirmation ID for verification purpose and collect the ticket on counters. This show that the product sold, which is movie ticket is a physical product. Lastly, the intermediary which is the staff of Golden Screen Cinema who provides service to users at counters is counted physical agent. For TGV Cinema, user can purchase movie tickets on its official website (http://tgv. com. my/) without register an account.

After confirmed customer confirmed the movie, show time, date, cinema and seats, they are require to provide name, email and contact number. TGV Cinema provides more payment options to users such as via paypal, ATM cards with Visa or MasterCard logo, iPay88, Maxis M-Money (Mobile) and more. After payment made, an email notification which contained the booking ID will be send to the customer’s email. The entire ticket purchasing process is physical process. After that, customer will need to collect their tickets from the counters.
The product sold, which is ticket and the intermediary which is the staff at counters are classified under physical product and physical agent. Both Golden Screen Cinema and TGV Cinema are been classified as online direct marketing (virtual storefront) under e-commerce models. This is because both of them providing service which is allowing customer to purchase movie tickets online. This online purchasing process helps both companies to eliminate part of their selling process such as customer no longer need to line up to buy movie tickets and save the time of customer to get their movie tickets. This is useful especially during peak session.

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