Growth of Real Women

Published: 2021-09-29 12:10:04
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Category: Courage, Women, Sexism, Oppression

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Education, voting, working were three things women could not do. Before the late 1800's women had mimited rights. As the years past by women slowly gained priviledges that men already had. Although women cant handle some of the tasks that men take on, women have many other advantages.
In the early 1900's few women attended finishing schools called Female Seminaries. Later on the women who did attend state universities around 1863 had to live with being discrimintated against and being ridiculed. By the end of the 19th century female docotor and lawyers became more common. By The New Nationalism women got the right to vote in elections.
Today womens rights have prgressed emensly. From not being able to tend school and get an education and not being able to have a job or vote women have gained all those rights. Now women are able to have higher paying jobs, full educations and vote for whoever they want. As apposed to long ago when they could only stay at home and cook. Now women are moving up in the ranks of the job industry. Some making more pay then males and being at higher rank. For example the Us has women comprise about a quarter of the UA facitlity. They are also moving up the rank to higher-paying staff posisions, more than 10 years ago. Although there are still more males, the women have increased tons over the last century. And as the studies show the women will still be rising in the future.

From the past to the future women have gained more power over the years. From going to no rights at all women have gained as many rights as males have. Although some jobs are made for a man to work, women have the right to try and work there if that what they want to do. From reading the text book and reading the news article it is shown that we can make things happen. As women progressed over the years and fought for their rights as females, they won. I dont think anything will change in the future for women because they are already treated to the equal amount that men are. People across the US should know about this so they know they too can make a difference in the future.

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