Haves Sports Entertainment I-J SWOT Analysis

Published: 2021-10-02 08:30:38
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Haves Sports Entertainment I-J

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domestic market
reduced labor costs
barriers of market entry
high profitability and revenue
skilled workforce
monetary assistance provided


competitive market
small business units
unknown costs
high loan rates are possible


venture capital
new acquisitions


-increase in labor costs
global economy
price changes
financial capacity
tax changes
increasing rates of interest
external business risks
growing competition and lower profitability
unexpected problems


Experience of teaching and education.
Teaching and coaching qualifications. Clear communicator.
Adaptable to different roles within a Job.
Time management .
Good leadership skills.
Positive outlook.
Committed to achieving a given goal.
Multimode learning style (pragmatist, activist, theorist)
Competent in a managerial role egg Barracudas, PAM'S, Run-on.
I expect and want high standards.


Tendency to take on too many activities/pro]sects with little allowance for social time.
Find it hard to accept criticism.
Can be too ambitious. Find reflection difficult in learning. Availability of time.
Technical knowledge of spreadsheets, databases and programming of computers.
Need reassurance that I am performing a role well.
Find it difficult to be under the leadership of others.


Seek out opportunities to gain coaching qualifications in new areas.
Aim to maintain and improve current coaching qualifications.
More teaching opportunities in SE England than elsewhere.
Many work experience opportunities.
2012 Olympics provides Job prospects and promotion of sport in I-J.


Many other graduates in the field - competitive market.
Changing focus of school sports - new sports introduced into curriculum egg boxing, aerobics, climbing etc
May be a big push for sport up to the 2012 Olympics that cannot be sustained afterwards. The coloratura environment encapsulates demand and tastes, which vary with suasion, disposable income, and general changes, can again provide both opportunities and threats for particular companies (Thompson, 2002; Pearce and Robinson, 2005).

Over-time most products change from being a novelty to a situation Soot By rattail change. Similarly, some products and services will sell around the world with little variation, but these are relatively unusual. Organizations should be aware of demographics changes as the structure of the population by ages, affluence, regions, numbers working and so on can have an important bearing on demand as a whole ND on demand for particular products and services.

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