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Published: 2021-09-28 04:50:04
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Making sure they have their fluids I set my standards very high and undertake all of my tasks for my service user to a gig standard even down to their cleaning, if standards aren't set high then this can cause problems with the service user for example: - if you don't brush their teeth one morning and forget to do it the next then their mouth would have a horrible taste and bad breath smell, this could then be called abuse and OVA (protection of venerable adults) could come into it. So it is very important for standards to be high in the work that is carried out. A way of describing how personal attitudes and beliefs that could be affected and how not to approach in this way is:
If you have a service user of different religion even though yourselves don't agree with this type of religion then you shouldn't treat them any different Service user has different skin color, you should treat them as any other person with same color skin as yourself If you and a service user have had a disagreement then you should just continue doing you work as normal and treat them as you normally would.
Outcome 2: Be able to reflect on own activities

Reflecting on your own work and activities is good because you can see where you are or have gone wrong, you can then change this by getting more training or advice room other people and they can show you what you are doing wrong. When you have done something good for example: I was in a service user's home and it was time for her medication, I gave her medication and then noticed she was putting them into her bag I asked if I could see and found loads of uneaten medication I then informed her that I was disposing of this medication. It made me feel so happy by doing this as I know she could've been planning an over dose or something. Sources of support for own learning and development could be: Spend time working alongside other colleagues.
Talking to colleagues and asking them questions Going to training sessions either internal or external Team meetings and discussions A personal development plan should be worked out with a supervisor. We will then discuss my goals and the best way of achieving them. Then my support manager will go through the best person for me to shadow in my new Job to learn new skills and to work on skills I already have, this person will then report back to my support manager on how well I am doing or if I need more training. This would then be discussed in another meeting we have to review what has been happening and how I am getting on in the new role

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