Hockey in Canada: The Nation’s Passion

Published: 2021-09-28 07:35:03
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Hockey In Canada: A Nations Passion Culminating Activity: Canadian History Essay In 1994, the Canadian Federal Government compromised and voted to make hockey Canada's national winter sport, and lacrosse Canada's national summer sport. Which sport should be named Canada's true national sport? Sport should be named Canada's true national sport? It Is Important to know which sport should be named Canada's true national sport because of its relevance in focusing to improve Canada's athletic skills.
By knowing the sport, it will help determine the sport Canada should emphasis upon to be more successful. It Is believed that hockey should be named Canada's national sport due to the appreciation that Canadians have toward their winter climate and well-known winter sports. Also, hockey has maintained Its status as the most popular sport in Canada, while encouraging many women to participate. These reasons are believed to be the major factors that contribute to why hockey should be titled Canada's true national sport. The history of modern hockey goes as far back as the early sass's.
Many regions have claimed to be the birthplace of hockey, but the best-supported cases re in Windsor, Nova Scotia, and Kingston, Ontario, which hold by far the earliest written accounts of a game that has ever been played. Many assumptions were then made that hockey first originated within these three clues. When you think of Canada, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? For many individuals it is hockey. A country's climate has big influences on the type of athletic activities that can occur. In Canada, the climate revolves around cold and bitter weather, which can last up to half a year.

Fortunately one of the many advantages is the ability to pursue any of Canada's winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, figure skating, and most importantly hockey. As a result, it is not a surprise to Canadians when managing to score highly in many of the winter Olympics; in fact many Canadians often take this for granted. As seen on February 28, 2010, at the Vancouver winter Olympics, Sydney Crosby stated on CATV "l just shot it, I didn't really see it to be honest. " This of course, was after the terrific win team Canada pulled against the united States.
The victory of this hockey game once again, caused Canadians to legalize the beauty of how successful Its winter sports became. The landscape and weather conditions also contribute to the significance of hockey in the nation. Although it is estimated that there are approximately 2500 indoor and outdoor hockey rinks in Canada, many Canadians still build their own backyard ice rink on behalf of the passion for this sport. Adam shepherd grew up playing hockey, and now with his own family In Whites, Ontario, he wanted to share his experience with his children.
Adam states, "l get real enjoyment watching my kids out here having fun. " 1 OFF January and February, and that's when the weather is coldest. " Luckily Canada's climate allows the building of an outdoor skating rink to be successful. Tremor, Dam's 9 year old son stated that he loves to be outside playing hockey with his family, and that the cold never bothers him. Hockey plays an important role in people's lives whether winning a gold medal, being able to build hockey rinks, or spending quality time with family.
Hockey has become more than Just a sport in Canada; over a period of time, it has become a huge part of Canadian Culture. In the eighth game of he 1972 summit series, Canadians practically came to a standstill as everyone wanted to see the outcome of the final game between Soviet Union and Canada. As a result, Canada pulled another big victory, and after this day hockey became an even more popular sport. Canadian "Hockey Night" as seen on CB sports airs every Saturday night. Since 1998, more than four million Canadians tune in to watch this show.
The number of sales for televisions has increased by the value of seven billion dollars since the year 2000, due to the influence of this shows popularity to improve the development of technology. This is one of the positive impacts toward Canada's economy, which has caused many technological companies to rise. Also, hockey night is a great way for families to bond while supporting Canadian radios such as CB whom broadcasts details about regular hockey games. Another aspect is the number of viewers that watch Canada's hockey games, for example the number of viewers who watched the U.
S vs.. Canada hockey game at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. As said before, the love and support for this sport is undeniable which influences its fame. Family and friends that have gathered together to watch this special game caused a hit of 27. 6 million views; one of Canada's most viewed hockey games in all time. Generally, these reasons verify the admiration Canadians have toward hockey. 0 When looking back in Canadian history, women were not known for independence as men were considered "persons" while women were not.
This did not come to an end until 1929, when Emily Murphy took action and brought the persons case to court. Although some action had been taken, it did not prevent women's stereotype during the sass's. At that time, it was necessary for women to have feminine qualities, which included the disability to play "masculine sports. " Hockey was one of the most influential sports that encouraged many individuals to take a step toward women's rights. Canada's national women's hockey team has been on the world stage, winning nine world titles, three Olympic gold medals and twelve 3 nations/nations cups.
Its successful Journey has caused its reputation to rise internationally with their only losses being against United States and Sweden. Cassia Campbell, a professional hockey player on Canada's women's hockey team says "In 1998 we went to the first ever Olympic for women's hockey, and as a Canadian hockey player and Canadian hockey team we were by far the favorites going in, and we lost. We brought home a silver medal and felt like we let down our entire country; we were embarrassed and extremely disappointed.
I remember I ran into a great Canadian speed skater Susan Such, when she congratulated me on the silver medal. While seeing the disappointment in my eyes, Susan said something to me that I'll never forget "do you know how many people in this world don't get a chance to be Olympic athletes, and how many Olympic athletes don't get a chance to be medalist? I realized what we big reason to why we won gold in Salt Lake City in 2002. " This inspiring speech given by Cassia motivated women all over Canada to never give up on their dreams, even if it meant challenging women's stereotype.
Although it did take time, hockey is the only sport in Canada that truly represents a successful women's sport team. Long story short, hockey is indispensable to Canada and its people. Women are better - respected because of the success of its hockey team, while technological industries broadcasting about this sport are emerging. Families bond whether by playing cocky outside their own backyard rink or by watching hockey night together. It is evident that hockey has an essential role in Canadians lives and should be titled Canada's true national sport because of the reasons stated in this piece.

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