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Published: 2021-10-01 10:50:05
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As technology has advanced in the negative side also hackers and spoolers teal misuse credit card numbers, even though the network has been made secure. So In this paper, we have proposed a multi-bolometer model (Integrating voice, fingerprint and facial scanning) that can be embedded In a mobile phone, this making e-transaction more secure. The model is very cost effective as we have tried to use the hardware already present in the phone. This paper uses for image processing or facial recognition and finger print gives some insight into multi biometrics.
It says that a multi-biometrics system is obtained by the integration of multiple individual biometrics models. A numbers of model integrity hand geometry, recent years. It provides a broad overview of the subject of biometrics, their usage, how performance is measured, the typical construction of systems and practical implementation issues. A basic understanding of computer network is requisite in order to understand the principles of network security. A network of roads an interconnected system, a network of alliances.
This definition suits our purpose well. A computer network is simply a system of interconnected computers. Moving on to the definition of biometrics, it is a means of identifying a person by measuring a reticular physical or behavioral characteristics and later comparing it to those of many people that are stored in the data base. Biometrics was identified as one amongst emerging technologies which would change the world in the twenty-first century. KEYWORD Gene sequencing, genomics, databases, data management, proteomics, genome...

Promote, transcription's, metabolism, Glycols, nucleotide, data gathers, deplorableness, molecular phylogeny's DEFINITION Biometrics is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. It can not be borrowed, stolen, or forgotten and forging one is practically impossible. Biometrics measure individual's unique physical or behavioral characteristics to recognize or authentically their identity. Common physical biometrics includes fingerprint s, hand or palm geometry, retina, iris, and facial characteristics. Behaviors character characteristics include signature, voice, keystroke pattern, instant.
Of this class of biometrics, technologies for signature and voice are the most developed. BIOMETRICS TECHNOLOGIES There are many biometrics technologies to suit different types of applications. To choose the right biometric to be highly fit for the particular situation, one has to vegetative through some complex vendor products and keep an eye on future Fingerprint - A finger print looks at the pattern found on a fingertip. There are a variety of approaches to finger patterns and ultrasonic. This seems to be a very good choice for in -house system. Hand geometry - this involve analyzed and measuring the shape of the hand.
It might be suitable where there are more users or where user accesses the system infrequently. Accuracy can be very high if desired and flexible performances turning and configuration can accommodate a wider range of applications. Organizations are using hand geometry readers in various scenarios, including time and attendance recording. RETINA -A retina-based biometrics involves analyzing the layer of blood vessels situated at the back of the eye. This technique involved using a low intensity light source through an optical coupler to scan the unique patterns of the retinal.
Retina scanning can be quite accurate but does required the user to look into a receptacle and focus on a given point IRIS -An iris -based biometrics involves analyzing features found in the colored ring of tissue that surrounds the pupil. This uses a fairly conventional camera element and requires no close contact between the user and the reader. Further, it has the potential for higher than average template -matching performance. FACE- Face recognition analyzed facial characteristics. It requires a digital camera to develop a facial image of the user for authentication.
Because facial scanning needs an extra peripheral things that are not include market for network authentication. However, the casino industry has capitalized on this technology to create a facial database of scam artist for quite detection by security personal. SIGNATURE -signature verification analyses the way user signs his name. Singing features such as speed, velocity, and pressure are as important as the signatures as a means of transaction-related identity verification. VOICE-VOICE Authentication is based on voice -to-print authentication, where complex technology transforms voice into text.
Voice biometrics requires a microphone, which is available with PC's nowadays. Voice biometrics is to replaces the currently used methods, such as PINS, passwords, or account names. But voice will be a complimentary technique or finger-scan technology as many people see finger scanning as a higher authentication forms. USES OF BIOMETRICS Biometrics technology is one area that no segment of the IT industry can afford to ignore. Biometrics provides security benefit across the spectrum, from IT vendors to end user, and from security system developer to security system user.
Here we discuss number critical applications that are in need of biometrics. For decade, many highly secure environment have used biometrics technology for entry access. Today, the primary application of biometrics is in physical security locations (rooms r building). Biometrics permits unmanned access control. Biometrics devices, typically hand geometry readers, are in office buildings, hospital casino, health club and lodges. Biometrics is useful for higher volume access control. There are several passenger's frequent-flyer number to an iris scan.
After the passenger enrolls in the system, an unmanned kiosk performs ticking and check-in of course without luggage. Some of the US airports use a sort of hand geometry biometrics technology for performing crises-verification functions. It is also expected that virtual access as the application that will provide the radical mass to move biometrics for network and computer access. Physical Lockwood can protect hardware, and passwords are currently the most secure key than a password. Using biometrics also allows a hierarchical structure of data protection, making the data even more security level of access to network data.
E-commerce developers are exploring the use of biometrics and smart cards to more accurately verify a trading party's identity. Banks are bound o use this combination to better authenticate customers and ensure non-repudiation of online banking, trading and purchasing transactions. Point of sales (POS) system vendors are working on the cardholder verification method, which would enlist smarted and biometrics can help to obtain secure services over the telephone through voice authentication... The last interesting application is for cover surveillance.
Using facial and body recognition technologies, research hope to use biometrics to automatically identify known suspect entering buildings or traversing crowned security areas such as airport. Biometrics assurance confidences that a biometrics can achieve the intended level of security -is another active research area. Another interesting thing to be examined is combining biometrics with smarted and public -key infrastructure (PKZIP). A major problem with biometrics is how and where to store the users template represents the users personally characters, its storage introduces privacy concerns.

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