Analysis of Memory Cost

Published: 2021-09-28 06:20:03
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In the last 30 years, the need for hard drives to be capable to hold more memory has been on a very fast rise. This Is due to our operating systems that are larger and the fact that more people needing or wanting to use computers more. Technology has grown so much. 20 years ago only about half of us had computers in our homes. Today almost everybody has at least 1 desktop and 1 portable. We keep pictures of our children on computers, have more programs to use in everyday life, control our finances, do school work, our Job has a need for computers, and love to play games ND use the internet.
Every day these things take up more and more memory storage. The last time researchers hit a limit for expanding memory was 2005. We take this fact, that there are limits, for granted. That every now and then there is a limit that cannot be topped. Researchers say that that limit again Is going to reach somewhere around 2013-2015. There Is a new technology for the HAD (hard disk drive) called the HAM (heat-assisted magnetic recording). This will bring massive storage growth and raise the Industry way beyond 100 TUB. Currently, there is a 100 TUB hard drive. When will it be commercially available?
After researching several charts I would say in about 5-10 years. At this point, the average person would not even need this much memory and the price would be extremely expensive. So I am going to say in about 5-10 years we will meet supply and demand on a 100 TUB hard drive. Ten years from I am predicting that I could buy an 8 TUB hard drive for around $100 dollars. I cannot get a very educated guess on this because all the historical charts on this vary. But I took what I could buy today and used Morel's law and came up with an 8 TUB hard drive that will cost about $100 dollars In the year 2023. And that Is If we even use HAD at that time.

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