How to Write Addictively Readable Paragraphs?

Published: 2021-10-01 00:55:06
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It is an impossible task to calculate how many texts are walking along the Internet. These texts are written by everyone, from students, amateur writers to owners of large businesses. But few people think about how to create paragraph which would be really readable.
Main Principles of Paragraph Writing
Tell about what you know best.

Each of us has talents and skills that are not of great interest to the world, but when you describe exactly your experience, it causes a feeling of trust and involvement with the readers. If you paint with watercolor, write the text how to choose the paints and the easel. Can you create decorations from beads? Dedicate the article to the peculiarities of combinations of shapes and colors; tell about the feeling that was experienced when the product was made well, or vice versa, when the result did not meet expectations.
Give practical advice, show the role of knowledge of this narrow sphere in your life, perhaps, thanks to your hobby, your or someone else's life has changed beyond recognition. Surprise the reader with unusual circumstances and plot twists. For example, describe the story of a wonderful acquaintance when applying aerography to cars or choosing food colors for the next culinary masterpiece. Tell about the details important in your field, accompanied by vivid images. Reflect, write down the nuances, interesting cases that can become the basis of history, unusual facts. People always feel an energy in the texts when it is present.
Create your own structure.
It seems that this is a complex principle, but in fact, it is quite easy to come up with a structure. It is necessary to analyze texts that you like to gain ideas to write a paragraph. Note how the narrative unfolds, which are the classical schemes: exposition, string, paragraph development, culmination, and denouement. Build your text on this principle, and then rewrite it by changing the components. For example, start with the output, and then step by step, describe how you came to this conclusion.
There is also a ring composition when the story is looped. You can use other tips on writing a paragraph, include dialogues of heroes, write text from short, steep phrases, if you want to emphasize the state and create tempo-rhythm, or you can intentionally choose strangely long sentences saturated with images and slowing down the tempo for immersion of the reader into textual reality.
Observe the discipline.
You should write regularly, and you should make a writer's checklist in order to achieve this. Choose the time when you sit at the computer and write, do not put outrageous tasks, like "every day to write one chapter of the book," start with the obligation to write 1000 words a day for the beginning. The main goal of such daily activities is to develop a habit of creating texts. Over time, the writing of the text will be faster, and its quality will please you and your readers more and more.
Create your own picture of the world.
You should understand life and the cause-and-effect relationships. Haruki Murakami expressed an excellent idea.  "The more interconnections mean the deeper meaning." This rule applies to both artistic and non-fiction literature. It is important to understand and answer for yourself the questions "Who am I?", "What do I want to tell the world?” And when you answer the question "Why?” the creative process will go much easier.
Write briefly.
Another principle of good texts is the reduction. Try to learn to write briefly! You can try this exercise: "Describe your life to this day in 6-9 words." Remember your impressions. And each time ask the question: can I formulate this idea in a shorter and simpler way?
Piece of Practical Advice

You should write in the language you speak. And for this, it is desirable to know what you are talking about, and, accordingly, what you are writing about. When this happens, the text is born in the head, goes easily and freely. And the author's task is simply to manage to fix it.
The essence of the written should be formulated and fit into one sentence, no matter what the final volume of the material will be. This will provide an opportunity to understand the main essence of the article, do not stray and do not lose the thread. If there is no integral understanding of the text, then there may be contradictions, cliffs, leaps and even outright mistakes.
The third tip is rhythm and tempo. There are a lot of texts that are written in a good language, broken into even beautiful paragraphs, but they are not readable. And the main reason here is monotony and dullness. This text drives into hibernation and can not be read. Therefore, if the text is for a living person, then it should jump. Outwardly this is expressed in different lengths of both sentences and paragraphs. And short sentences should alternate with long ones.

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