How Will Climate Change Impact Caribbean Business Environmental Sciences Essay

Published: 2021-09-30 06:30:04
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The part is faced with many challenges, chances, menaces and hazards as a consequence of clime alteration ( United Nations Environment Programme, 2008 ) . Developing states must therefore address the impact of clime alteration of which they are highly vulnerable though they contribute less than 1 % of entire green house gas emanations compared to the surplus of 50 % contributed by the universe 's industrial powers ( Trotz, n.d. ) . However, it is imperative that they become cognizant of the impact of clime alteration on Caribbean concern, trade and the environment, and supply solutions as to the manner frontward.
The Caribbean signifiers portion of the Small Island Developing States that are considered vulnerable to the socio-economic and environmental features that creates sustainable development challenges ( United Nation Environment Programme, 2008 ) . These challenges are critical in understanding the kineticss in the manner they function within their assorted economic systems and the ensuing consequence of clime alteration. These include the dependance of the productive sectors on their narrow handiness of natural resources such as agribusiness, fishing and forestry which can finally take to limited economic variegation possibilities ( United Nations Environment Programme, 2008 ) . This in inself can make economic systems with limited potency to exhibit a competitory advantage on an international degree. Other challenges include the high dependance on imports and the islands susceptibleness to extreme conditions conditions.
Climate alteration does bring forth both positive and negative effects. Island states must therefore happen ways to capitalise on the chances while cut downing hazards. Conducting concern locally, regionally and internationally is of import for economic growing and development and as such, climate alteration can impact concern operations significantly. For illustration, the Caribbean is extremely dependent on touristry as one of its cardinal subscribers to the gross domestic merchandise ( Reid, 2010 ) . Coral reefs are an intregal attractive force to tourers sing the Caribbean particularly on the islands of Jamaica and St. Lucia, among others ( Reid, 2010 ) . However, coral bleaching due to lifting temperature consequences in the decease of corals which will finally take away from a merchandise of value within the sector ( Reid, 2010 ) . Similarly, agribusiness is of import for many cariibean islands non merely for export, but as a beginning of nutrient for many communities. Hurricanes and other natural catastrophes can hold damaging effects on islands such as Grenada and Dominica which export Myristica fragranss and bananas ( Reid, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( n.d. ) , a shortening of the turning season of sugar cane in Guyana due to climate alteration will cut down outputs by 29.8 % and cut down productiveness in St. Vincent by 20 % . Other negative effects include emphasis on concerns and authoritiess due to the insurgency of diseases and pestilences and a rise in regulative force per unit areas ( United Nations Environment Programme, 2008 ) .

Climate alteration can supply important benefits for the concern sector and unfastened concerns throughout the Caribbean to the potency of staying competitory globally while increasing the possibility of cut downing long-term costs. This decrease in costs can be achieved through the ability of concerns to follow energy effiecient processes ( ECLAC, 2010 ) . Additionally, with consumers going more environmentally knowing and friendly, the acceptance of greener patterns will better the manner in which stakeholders view take parting concerns giving them an border over non-practicing concerns ( United Nations Environment Programme, 2008 ) . Businesss may besides profit from revenue enhancement interruptions and/or fiscal inducements such as the deforestation partnership where Norway is paying Guyana to maintain its nursery gas emmission down ( Edwards, 2010 ) .
In add-on to concern, clime alteration will impact trade within the part particularly due to function that touristry and agribusiness drama in the growing and development of the economic systems. Additions in temperature will ensue in lower output and as such, export possibilities will decrease ( Reid, 2010 ) . Additionally, diminution in fish stocks can hold important effects. For illustration, decrease in the Yellow Fin Tuna, which is chiefly used for export will adversely impact economic output therefore negatively impacting trade. Last, clime alteration willl consequence in developing states holding to run into specific criterions as it relates to labelling and production procedures which may be a hinderance due to the deficiency of technological capablenesss, accomplishments or expertness. However, this can make an chance for Caribbean concerns to use the export markets by going more competitory due to the acceptance of greener patterns. For illustration, Grenada benefitted from the export of organic cocoa which is certified under the USDA-NOP and EEC2092/91 ( Grenada Chocolate Company, n.d. ) . Similarly, Jamaica is able to profit from the export of the Jamaican Moutain Coffee to international markets ( Coffee Industries Ltd, n.d. ) .
The effects of clime alteration on the environment are of great concern as animate being and works biodiversity, agribusiness and human population ( among others ) are affected. There is besides the possibility of H2O deficits and taint, and the remotion of Rhizophora mangles and coral reefs all ensuing in the human population being at hazard. Harmonizing to United Nations Environmental Programme ( 2008 ) , about 70 % of the islands population lives along the seashore doing them susceptible to decease from tsunamis, hurricanes and storm rushs. These natural jeopardies along with internal anthropogenetic jeopardies such as deforestation can badly cut down the resiliency of cardinal ecosystems over a period of clip ( Reid, 2010 ) . Haiti experienced four lay waste toing hurricane in 2008, go forthing the island with over US $ 5 million in amendss which accounted for 5 % of its GDP ( Caribbean Policy Development Center, 2008 ) . Climate alteration besides increases the potency for the invasion of non-native, invasive species therefore interrupting the balance within ecosystems.
In turn toing the issues related to climate alteration, it is necessary that the Caribbean take a conjunct action. As such, it is critical that version be made to the manner companies conduct their concern, trade and interact with the environment. Adaptation involves sentisizing the population of the effects of climare alteration and shifting resources in order to extenuate its effects ( United Nations Environmental Programme, 2008 ) . For illustration, , in Playa Rosario in Havana, communities have been reallocated 5km inland to avoid the impact from coastal erodings ( United Nations Environmental Programme, 2008 ) . Additionally, the funding of undertakings geared towards version encourages more concern to take part. One such programme was executed in the 1990 's where the Caribbean Adaptation to Climate Change ( CPACC ) was granted US $ 5.6 million to finance four regional and five pilot undertakings through the World Bank, Organization of American States ( OAS ) and CARICOM ( United Nations Environmental Programme, 2008 ) . Other actions include building edifices with proper chilling systems, promote the preservation of natural resources including H2O installations, and inducements for companies in conformity with regulative patterns regulating clime alteration ( United Nations Environmental Programme, 2008 ) .
The impact of clime alteration on concern, trade and the environment is serious. Although climate alteration may supply some positives particularly for establishments with the capacity to accommodate, the magnitude of the negatives can non be overstated. There is an pressing demand for action to be taken by persons, communities, concerns and authoritiess within the part. It is imperative that we are able to make a sustainable hereafter for our state 's kids and as such, the part need non merely adapt to climate alteration but besides do all possible to extenuate its effects.

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