Human Intervention

Published: 2021-09-28 02:55:03
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Humans destroy this planted called earth by building things and producing things they make good lovely places look really bad and make the sky's look dark and cloudy by producing smoke and smog into the sky's by the building. Before humans the days were warm, the were mountain and valleys with rivers the flowed though them the grass was green. Greener then what it will be again. There were berry bushes and Trees that had all sorts of fruit on them, like apples, bananas, mangoes and oranges. The rivers were sparkling blue and flowed through the mountains like birds fly though the sky.
The sky's had very little clouds and the sun was shining bright. But then the humans came. Animals were the cutest things ever they played around with each other there were zebras', horses, and donkeys eating the grass giraffes eating the leaves from the tallest trees. Clown fish swimming in the rivers. And the turtles slowly making there way around. Dogs and cats got along and played with the fruit that fell from the trees . But then the humans came. Humans came and decided to chop town the trees that birds lived in the giraffes ate from that cats and dogs played with the fruits that use to fall from them.
They left the litter on the ground and the zebras, horse and donkeys chock on. And dumped the trash in the waters where the fishes wither dies or had to move away to furan areas. The animals couldn't drink from the rivers because of all the Junk and waste that was being polluted into them. So all the animals had to leave some got captured and get as pets on chains with little food and water. I don't like what the humans did but we can't help that's its already been done. But we could be living in a town that properly use to be a paradise and homes to other living things. The End

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