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Published: 2021-09-28 19:45:04
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Now days, everything is about freedom and equality in The United States. The American government is trying to spread these ideals to countries across the world. In The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins argues the point that all people are equal by using the Capitol as an example. In the book, the leaders of Panem host the Hunger Games, a competition requiring two young citizens from each district to fight to death, annually. The tributes chosen to compete in the games are chosen at random from a drawing filled with each of the names of young adults in the different districts.
Children ages twelve to eighteen are enlisted into the drawing. The entries are cumulative though, so when the tribute is twelve their name is entered once, thirteen twice, and so on until they are eighteen it will be entered seven times. Also, the tributes can choose to add their name to the drawing more times in exchange for tessera, which is a small portion of rice and oil. This makes the underprivileged members of each district more likely to be sent to the Capitol to compete in the games.
The rules of the games are completely unfair and prejudice toward poor people, much like the world is today. Although we focus on and try to help the less fortunate, we are more interested in who has the most money and want to put those people up on a pedestal. The members of the Capitol and their families are refrained from being put in the drawing just because they are “important in the society. ” It is not clearly stated in the book that these rules are unfair, but it is so hard not to think about how the districts just take unreasonable orders from the Capitol.

Although logos and ethos don’t really play a part in this novel, pathos holds a pretty big responsibility. Collins appeals to her audience’s emotions in the story by the way she builds relationships between the readers and the characters. You will get so attached to Katniss when you read this book and will be anticipating her to make the right decisions and take home the title of the games. This connects to the argument because once you get to know her character, you will feel sympathy for the unnecessary punishment she does through.

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