Impacts of Indian Cinema on Children of Pakistan

Published: 2021-09-29 18:25:04
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The Indian Cinema is currently the Largest film producer in the world. The film industry has been highly rewarding when it comes to the national economy of India. Be it movies, to movie stars, the idea and the drama they portray has been highly admired and enjoyed by people worldwide especially in Pakistan. Thousands of films produced per annum are watched by millions of people from children to adults. And is a big source of encouragement for the Youth to come up and be a part of the largest industry in the world.
It might be a huge source of encouragement for the Youth but on the other hand the films have proved to have influenced the young generations on a huge scale in this era. As most of the tech-smart are basically the young generations today, they automatically have access to all sort of media and public forums.
Teenagers especially today are too inspired by movies today, they look for motivation and situations they find relatable in their daily life as entertainment. Prior to that, Indian Cinema is well aware what kind of audience to Target today, which is earning alot of revenue for them today.

Especially in Pakistan, us Pakistani enjoy and idolize our favorite Indian movies and actors. Every country promoted their religion, tradition and culture through media and India has been quite successful in doing that. Today our Muslim children have memorized all the rituals that are performed in exorcism movies ( I.e; 1920 the movie) and all the Hindu prayers instead of what's in the Quran and its message.
Furthermore Indian movies always come up with a feature song, which basically is also known as Item Song. Which features famous actresses for a dance performance in the movie. Such movies have been a huge source of negativity in our country. Indian movies promote nudity and vulgarity which is strictly forbidden in the laws of Islam. The young generations is very much attracted to such movies, songs and stars, which have proved to be very normal.
The sad part is that even parents are so outdated from technology they have no idea about the current affairs and what their children are doing on their devices. Our Film Industry seems highly motivated to compete the Indian Cinema too, as they in their recent movies have been featuring Item Songs (i.e Karachi se Lahore).
There are various Indian Movies that have been produced to promote rivalry between Pakistan and India which has been a very huge point of negativity leading to recreation of history. This has created a negative image about Pakistan in the minds of our children because the Indian Cinema has blinded the youth by showing false glories and fabricated history to encourage the greatness of Hindustan. The young minds in return get double minded and curious to know what exactly is behind the story and not everyonr is able to prove what actually happened because our elders and seniors, they themselves have been idolizing the Indian Cinema throughout ages.
On the brighter side, there are a few positive impacts too, movies like Tarey Zameen Par, 3 Idiots have been quite encouraging and inspirational for the whole nations as the stories they portray have effected A lot of minds from teachers to students who has changed alot of perspectives of people regarding studies.
With the collaboration of British film Institute, UK film Council and film London both have explored on the local celluloid. They've depicted and looked into the impact of Local cinema on their communities and to develop impact measurement tools, they selected 5 case study cinemas and initial desk researches to explore existing literature on the impact measurement methodologies. They dabbled cinemas of the urban and rural areas of UK. And the research they discoursed and depicted the social, cultural and environmental impacts of Local cinema and overview of income and expenditure on and of cinema.
Suraj pratap had some aims behind this desertation which was to analyze the relation of cinnama and Society. There were personal references of the Indian audience on the basis of interest. They discussed the impact of cinema on audience and understood the factors of bollywood either it'd be positive or negative. He implemented the method in which he conducted the number of studies across the world letting in India.
They have researched on the students that how science fiction films has an effect on them. Even nowadays Hollywood industry is working on the sci-fic movies way too much and the way modern world is going ahead, students have gained interest in these sort of movies. They've studied context and participants have collected data. They found this by naturalistic research method, students who watched this science fiction movies had some number of misunderstandings about earth science concepts as compared to the students who don't watch the movies. It effects negatively and makes a false concept of Science phenomena.
They researched just to get the answer of the question as title mentioned it, 3D movies has the genre where viewers can imagine that all the scenes are having the plave infront of them and all scenerios are in real. We are just going in the flow with the movie and creates the fiction place, characters and story. The methods they used in this research was the sickness questionaire in which they study if it effecting the children negatively as rays may effects them negatively on the other hand they study the design and its eligibility and they made the stastical analysis too.
Its a research in which linda rufer defines how movies are effecting children and teenagers psycological manner, where she connects movies with the emotions of children as viewers they connects the fictional movie with themselves as films has the feel of words and actions. Linda describes the positivity in movies many characters have pure soul with the positivity in it where children can get motivation and let them think about their lives, gives hope and energy.
Discussion about the category and traits in the research is visible, movies helps children to differenciate between the wrong and right path where teamwork and other good habits like forgiving, being down to earth and many others like this may help teens to get themselves on the road of success.
Qualative method will be use in this research, Where I will choose 5 to 10 movies as case study to find the objectives and characters of the movies and how they are effecting on the children of pakistan. I will conduct a small interview with the parents in which I discuss the routine of their children and which sort of things children pick after watching movies it leads me to get the answers of my questions.

Indian movies has vulgarity and unacceptable elements for the children.
Indian movies has not vulgarity and unacceptable elements for the children.


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