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Published: 2021-09-28 03:30:03
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When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better. As we start again our duty in the Rural Health Unit, we came into and agreed upon that we would be having our rotational schedule so that we would be convenient enough in rendering our services to our clientele.
We have this attitude of being lazy sometimes because of this tiredness given by this paper works and so many tasks outside the Rural Health Unit, so to avoid pinpointing to our colleagues it is better to have this weekly rotational task to balance everything the situation inside and outside the Rural Health Unit, and to have a well-organized and effective quality of service to our patients.
We have different areas in the Rural health Unit: Public assistance desk wherein we caught the attention of our incoming patients, ask the names who needs our service, gets the weight, height, give the numbers in order, and give consideration to Senior Citizens, Pads and Pregnant women; Admission area: we sees the patients situation carefully , ask his/her chief complaint and conduct NC profiling regularly; Records Section: secures the family folder of the patient; Vital signs: Takes Blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse rate, temperature; Call Center: Organizes the folders by number giving consideration for emergency cases, and calls the patient's name; Treatment area: Carries out Doctor's order, gives the right medications as ordered same as gives instructions and health teachings, assists in minor cases like suturing lacerated wound, does wound dressing; Special Lane:prioritize the senior citizens, pregnant women and Pads.

And as we continue our service in the community we are again preparing for our monthly Family Development Secessionist our ACT families. Preparation arises when we had the schedule of our respected catchments. And for this month we guesthouse in Dengue, which is incorporated this rainy season and it is one of the programs of the Department of Health. Basic information regarding dengue were taught to them, most especially the AS Contra DENGUE, which includes: Search and Destroy, Self- Protection Measures, Seek Immediate Consultation and Say NO to Indiscriminate fogging. That time, my ACT families together with my partner bargain were attentive enough in the discussion proper because somehow they have an idea regarding Dengue.
Before the discussion proper happened, it is also our responsibility to check on their materials, especially their notebooks, ball pens, and of course their ACT Cards, and Totalitarian because this will serve as their attendance sheet to our Municipal Link, as a proof that they attended their monthly Family Development Allendale of activities for this month, which includes: National Kidney Month, No Smoking Month, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 14 - World Blood Donor Day 14-18 25 26 - Safe Kids Week - DOD Anniversary - National Patient Safety Day - International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. These information were dispensed for them to be aware and be prepared for such circumstances.
Since we are now part of the RAH family we need to have a thorough communication between our staffs and us Renewals especially with regards to work proper. It was hen that AMA May called our attention and our Midwives to have a convergence. She reminded us the tasks that we are expected to do inside the RAH and in the community that we should know how to balance and prioritize everything. Next, we had this so called open forum with our head nurse, AMA Myra because she was out for almost three weeks and she was not there to check on us. This open forum was done to listen to our colleagues on what was in their minds regarding our attitudes; the positive and negative ones.
We speak out our issues and concerns with each there and naturally we settled all by giving one another a chance to talk and explained his/her part. Independence Day had come and we were invited in the Tree Planting Program of the Municipal Level at Bargain Amputation, Gallium's, 'locos Sure. The companions we had were; Mayor Bilingual, the municipal staff, our police officers, and the RAH staff. There are three kinds of seedlings that we planted; we had this Mahogany tree, Melinda Tree, and the Coconut seedling. We were given attendance sheet by the representative of the EDEN to ensure that we had done the program. Management Meeting, held last June 20, 2013 at the old SUB-Municipal Hall.
The meeting was composed of the different Bargain Captains, Chairman Committee on health in each bargain, Municipal Link-AMA Crisping Securing, DILL outgoing-AMA Amelia Roding, representative of CHAT partners, Bargain Health Worker president, Midwives, Renewals, RAMP, DOD Representative-AMA May Belabor and Doctor Santos, our Municipal Health Officer. This meeting was intended to give some reports and reviews regarding the KIP Project of the Department of Health and to present the efferent problems we had encountered during our community work especially during the Family Development Session and when it comes to the voluntary work of our CHAT partners, we asked questions and gave them answers and vice versa.
Likewise, we had presented the different activities and accomplishments during our six month stay in the RAH and in the community. Despite of the stress and hard works in the Rural Health Unit and in the community, we always find time to make ourselves free from those stresses, find time to enjoy and make a day of fun. Time to share happiness and fun with our family in the Rural Health Unit. LEARNING INSIGHTS Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power. Lam unpredictable, I never know where I'm going until I get there, I'm so random, I'm always growing, learning, changing, I'm never the same person twice. But one thing you can be sure of about me; is I will always do exactly what I want to do.
With our six month stay in the RAH we had so much things to enjoy and learn, it was then that I realize and questioned myself if I learned anything, well, I am proud to say hat YES I learned a lot in my stay at the RAH. I always dreamt to have a work in the hospital but this opportunity came through and I never neglected accepting this Job. During our meeting with AMA May and our Midwives, it reminds me with the work we should do, balancing everything and proportioning is very important because we have those days that we really need each other's help, and there is nothing wrong with that particularly in rendering patients care in the RAH level.
During my Family Development Session with my ACT families, it was then that my attendance and value of communication was given to them. I had the chance to confront them together with my CHAT partners and I ask them frankly why they can accomplish their reports correctly and the forms were not completely filled up. And have a schedule in doing the profiling, I will be accompanying them going to the houses of the NETS-PR families in their bargain so that there will be no reason again that they will not be able to comply. In order to enjoy the companion of others, we must have these characteristics; know how to share your experiences with others, respect one another, trust him/her, coprolite/give and take attitude, and have a mutual enjoyment.
We are all born unique and with that uniqueness we are different individuals and we all have different personalities that we can share to the people around us. As we grow everyday, we cannot assure ourselves and others that we can't commit mistakes, we all have lapses and differences that we can't avoid to happen but be sure that those things were not intended to make yourself down and to hurt others; this will serve as your guide to make yourself better and uplift the people that surrounds you. With hat open forum, AMA Myra reinforced us again with our duties and responsibilities as individuals that we came to forget at times because we are already crossing the line. Everyday is a chance of learning.
If we need to ask, we ask, don't Just do the thing without consulting others, and if you really want to learn don't be afraid to ask, we are not all equipped with others knowledge but by asking them we would be able to know and make things right without worsening it, avoiding mistakes, and lessening anomalies. Remember, we are dealing with people's lives. To be an initiator is your tipping stone to be a good leader, we are all leaders and we all have the right to listen with others thought and suggestions. Uplift the moral of others and learn to accept mistakes and change for the better not for worst because in the end still we are one. Being involved in the Tree Planting Program shows your love, concern, care, and respect in your environment. I was really hoping that I will be enjoying this event and I was not failed. I had fun and enjoyed, get to know with other municipal staffs and police officers.
We Joined together as we plant the seedlings of different kinds, this ill serve as our contribution in conserving and protecting our mother earth and we will gain the statement of "Anglicanism ay Cayman". Stress, stress, stress! That's my word to our DOD Representative 0. Preparation arises for the KIP and CHAT Management Team Meeting, pinpoint tasks to my colleague and work on different reports. Every now and then AMA May would call me, Angel do this, Angel check on this and so on. But that time made me not to think of tiredness and not give up because I wanted to make this meeting successful in part of the RAH staff, DOD, and other agencies involved.
This had been a big break for me to see and challenge myself in managing such convergence as this. Cooperation was needed at this time and we had it, although some of my colleagues were talking some negative words still we came up into a successful and meaningful meeting. Having initiative, being efficient and cooperative enough would be of great help in doing your responsibilities perfectly and absolutely. A big applause to each one of us! As the statement says, "KANANGA-KAYAK GUNG SAM-SAM! " With the said meeting regarding the problems in the community, here are some mints that we had noted: 0 Financial problems: The money given by the government were spent to other things.
It makes the reason that they have no money for transportation to go in the RAH for their immediate consultation and Just wait for their health situation to worsen and needs treatment on higher facility. And for the reason that they have no money in giving birth in a birth facility they would still prefer to give birth in their home. 0 Consultations:still there are parent's who are not complying in the immunization of their child wherein they all know that it is very important and that's one of the best gift that they can give to them. Onto pregnant women, some of them were not having their prenatal check- ups, still there are hard- headed which may cause them the risks on pregnancy.

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