Ketchup campaign seeks to expand ketchup

Published: 2021-09-28 00:15:03
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The message 'ketchup zaroori' is aimed at communicating the same. We have not Just said 'ketchup zaroorl', we have said 'National Ketchup zaroorl' hence our campaign Is not promoting the category but the National Ketchup brand specifically. " On promoting the 100g sachet to end consumers: "We have had the 100g sachet for a long time but have never promoted it before. Our sachet SKUs (log and 100g) are generally used and distributed by hotels, estaurants and fast food chains.
However we want to encourage impulse buying for this SKU and thus promoted it to the general consumer. Showing this SKU in the lunch boxes of kids is based on the insights we gathered from a LJ&A study we conducted across Pakistan whereby we learned that mothers often put these sachets in their kids' lunch boxes. " On out of home and inside home ketchup consumption habits: "The sachet SKUs are generally consumed out of home as they are easy to carry on the go. The bottle and pouch are consumed inside the home and often in arty and dinner settings. A word from the agency - Umair Shams, Account Manager, IAL Saatchi ; Saatchi On changing consumer behaviour for ketchup: "There Is a simple consumer truth In this category: Pakistanis are obsessed with condiments. However, tnere Is a speclTlc conolmenvsauce tnat goes wltn eacn T example imli chutney is consumed with dahl baray, zeera raita with pulao etc. We wanted the Pakistani consumer to make an exception when it comes to National Ketchup and pour it on anything and everything.
Therefore, National Ketchup being the market leader has attempted to expand the usage and frequency of ketchup by showing a variety of snacks and foods that ketchup can be consumed with. The strategy was to show that ketchup is one versatile condiment, and when it's National Ketchup, there really are no rules. " On the campaign Jingle: "The Jingle is composed and sung by Shula Hyder from Speed of Sound. Hyder has developed great music for National Foods over the years which includes AaJ Yeh Kounsa Mehmaan Aaya and Rung Bharti Jao. "

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