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Published: 2021-09-27 09:35:03
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These quotes show Tit's connection to food, which grow slowly in ever y chapter of the book. TIA prepares certain dishes for special occasions and at different times of the year and the food is connected to her emotions. First, the narrator begins by telling the reader that "The trouble with crying ova ere an onion is that once the chopping gets you started and the tears begin to well up, the next thing you know you just can't stop! " (3). The narrator is indirectly telling the reader that food is also like Faber 2 motions.
As a matter of fact "TIA made her entrance into this world, preempt rely, right there on the kitchen table amid the smells of simmering noodle soup, thyme, bay leave s, and cilantro, steamed milk, garlic, and of course, onion. " (Quiver 56). This quote shows the at TIA is connected to food even before she can cook. The fact that Tit's onion induce d crying caused her to come to the world prematurely show us that in the novel tears are symbol of Tit's emotional connection, once again making food a really important role in the novel.
Second, Food in Like Water for Chocolate doesn't only represent emotions it a I so represents tradition. "TIA gets her great cooking skills from Nacho, this is there e way of passing down the recipes from generation to generation. The recipes in Like Water for Chocolate are kept in the family. TIA then passes the recipes to Spenserian. Spenserian then passes them to her daughter who puts them in the book. The recipes that are passes down from generation to generation are also what tell us the story of TIA" (Tradition, Culture, Food in Lie eek Water for Chocolate 1).

There was one day when Rosary did attempt to cook. When It TA tried nicely to give her some advice, Rosary became irritated and asked her to leave the kit chem.. The rice was obviously scorched, the meat dried out, the dessert burnt. But no one at the t able dared display the tiniest hint of displeasure, not after Mama Elena had pointedly remarked: "As for the first meal Rosary has cooked it isn't bad. Don't you agree, Pedro? " Of course, t hat afternoon the whole family felt sick to their stomachs" (50). The sickness that the family felt was that of the hate in she prepared the meal with.
Third, Esquire' specifically tells the reader that the cook has the power to do stuff by saying "The kitchen becomes a veritable reservoir of creative and magical events, in which the cook who possesses this talent becomes artist, healer, and lover. Culinary activity I involves not just the Faber 3 combination of prescribed ingredients, but something personal and creative e matting from the cook, a magical quality which transforms the food and grants its powerful pro parties that go beyond physical satisfaction to provide spiritual nourishment as well" (60).
The e use of Magical realism in this novel let's the reader understand more how in this novel the c ask possesses the talent to become an artist a healer or a lover. In conclusion, Food has a meaning of communication in this novel. F-DOD I s represented to show the emotions of TIA as well as the other characters. Food has a strong r ole in Like Water for Chocolate because food and it's tradition is what identifies the main char Cater, TIA . Through the novel we see that TIA was born in a Kitchen and lived cooking almost all h ere life.
The title of he book is also symbolic because "the phrase like water for chocolate came f room Mexico. In Mexico,hot chocolate is made with water, not milk. The water is brought to a boil and then the chocolate is spooned into it. A person in a state of sexual excitement is said to be "like water for chocolate(algebra Dictionary). " The narrator utilized food to represent Tit's ATT ration to Pedro. Food is extremely important in this novel because without the magical realism m used with the food, it would of been harder for the reader to understand Tit's affair with Pee door.

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