Male vs Female Friendships

Published: 2021-09-27 17:05:03
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Male vs Female Friendships BY sf0409928 Male Vs. Female Friendships How different is a friendship with a woman from the one with a man? What do you prefer? Are they the same kind of friendship or does it depend on the person? I have my own opinions to compare and contrast about these two kinds of friendships, such as confidence, places to go out and the way of thinking. Confidence is very important to establish in a friendship.
Confessing something is difficult but when you have someone important who can listen to you and give you ome advice is great. I think most women tend to criticize you or be more gossipy with what you tell them. On the other hand, men are more reliable with your secrets and most of the time listen to you without criticizing. Another important aspect to consider is the places to go out. I think I have more options with female friends than with male friends. With female friends you can go shopping, since girls can shop forever with no problem.
Also girls can go to clubs ogether and get discounts on drinks, Just because they are women. A male friend doesn't like to shop as much as females. One advantage is you can go to clubs with men and never feel alone, because he is always going to be taking care of you. The way of thinking influences so much in a friendship. Most women think with their hearts and always try to give you the best advice. Men on the other hand, are more blunt. They will tell you exactly how they feel even if it's going to hurt your eelings.

The one thing to remember is that a true friend will always tell you the truth. I think women and men both make excellent friends. It depends on the situation your in whether you want to chill with men or women at the time. Depending on what you want to do or want to talk about is when you will make that decision. Just remember good friends are hard to come by. Whether they are male or female Just remember the happiness that he or she brings into your life.

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