Management challenges: Culture, Communication and Negotiation

Published: 2021-10-01 15:25:07
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General Motors is a well-known business organization thereby one of the main questions faced by GM on the daily basis includes bringing a culture of understanding, respect and corporation into play by being an organization that has played role in bringing international cultures in close proximity because of an international market. I. Cross Cultural Communication And Understanding It has been realized by GM that there is a need to increase positivity and harmony across borders when international markets are being approached, as an important part of economic integration process.
Moreover it has been realized by GM that there is an increase of cross cultural communication in recent years as a result of globalization. In the face of globalization there is an increase in competition among companies and organizations requiring organizations to be more strategic and practical. Thereby organizations are leading by designing strategies that are more practical to reach the target customer community. Globalization is not only defined by an exchange of goods but also by the exchange of capital, human resources, technology and services (Gustin 45).
In order to reach international markets, GM ensures that demands of consumers are enlisted keeping in mind the cultural inclinations that these stakeholders have. Thereby all automobiles that are manufactured in countries other than US are reflectors of cultural obedience that international countries show. This is the strategy that minimizes any cross cultural clashes and increases competitiveness with other competing brands in international countries. II. Changing Culture In A Workplace

Creating markets across international borders in not the only phase that makes an organization face cross cultural challenges. Employees working for GM belong to at least 31 different countries based on varied cultures and in order to keep the business going in a harmonious way, there is a need to manage cross cultural communication within the workplace. Realizing this recently it has been seen that some cultural changes have been introduced in workplace of GM that have and in the future have promised great workplace related changes.
Recently it has been believed at GM that corporate culture maintained inside any organization goes against an individual’s or an employee’s personality thereby there is a need to change corporate culture that resides inside the workplaces (Freeland 77). Culture within an organization becomes an important part of companies, workplaces and employees. Thereby changing cultures within an organization is a challenge for higher authorities. Since the past it has been observed that workplace culture in GM was based on bureaucratic rules, was hierarchical and slow moving not resulting in any success.
Thereby recently it has been realized by GM managers that there is a need to make changes in cultures and culture starts from the top of an organization thereby the CEO of an organization can make desired changes within the workplace culture. Therefore these days employees and managers inside GM workplace have been given more autonomy than before that has resulted in an improved output with an increased communication between employees and employers.

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