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Published: 2021-09-29 00:55:04
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When the brand was introduced in the Greek Market? Colgate – Palmolive (Hellas) was found in 13th February 1962 with import of foreigner capital and as seat the city of Athens. It is fact, however, that from 1950, products as toothpaste Colgate, custard of shaves Palmolive, Soap Palmolive they were imported and distributed in the Greek market by the company “OLYMPIA”, which continued distributing and traffic in products Colgate-Palmolive also afterwards the foundation of Greek company and the domestic production of these, up to 1974. Line Extension | Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief| | Colgate Max White| | | Colgate Max Fresh| | | Colgate Time Control| | | Colgate Oxygen| | | Colgate Total| | | Colgate Total Advanced Fresh| | | Colgate Total Plus Whitening| | | Colgate Total Fresh Stripe| | | Colgate Sensitive| | | Colgate Sensitive Whitening| | | Colgate Whitening| | Colgate Herbal| | | Colgate Herbal White| | |
Colgate Protection Caries| | | Colgate Triple Action| | | Colgate Baking Soda| | | Colgate Anti-Tartar Plus Whitening| | | Colgate Blue Minty Gel| | | Colgate Oulodent Regular| | | Colgate Oulodent ?????? | | | Colgate Smiles| | Colgate 2 ?? 1| * The overall potential of Colgate’s Toothpastes is 30% as a value share. The table below shows us analytically the potential of toothpastes in Greek market. Colgate Total | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 10. 8| 9. 9| 9. 4| 7. 5| Aim Complete 8 Actions | Unilever Hellas SA| -| -| 3. 6| 6. 7| Aim C-Fresh | Unilever Hellas SA| -| 2. 5| 5. 1| 6. 0| Aim White System | Unilever Hellas SA| 6. 3| 6. 5| 6. 4| 5. 8| Colgate Whitening | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 4. 4| 4. 0| 4. 1| 4. 3| Theramed 2-in-1 | Henkel Hellas SA| 4. 6| 4. 7| 3. 8| 3. | Colgate Herbal White | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 3. 1| 3. 1| 3. 2| 3. 4| Colgate Herbal | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 3. 4| 3. 5| 3. 0| 3. 2| Colgate Baking Soda | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 5. 9| 5. 0| 3. 2| 2. 7| Colgate Max Fresh | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 1. 6| 2. 0| 2. 4| 2. 5| Colgate Time Control | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 1. 0| 2. 0| 2. 5| 2. 4| Crest Complete Extra White | Gerolymatos Cosmetics SA| -| -| -| 2. 3| Aim Family | Unilever Hellas SA| 3. 8| 3. 5| 2. 7| 2. 0|
Colgate Oulodent | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| -| -| 2. | 2. 0| Colgate Smiles | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| 1. 6| 1. 8| 1. 9| 1. 9| Elgydium Whitening | Pierre Fabre Hellas SA| 2. 1| 1. 6| 1. 3| 1. 3| Aim White Now | Unilever Hellas SA| -| -| 0. 3| 1. 1| Colgate Total Advanced Whitening | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| -| -| 0. 4| 0. 8| Colgate Total Fresh Stripe | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| -| -| -| 0. 8| Colgate Total Advanced Clean | Colgate-Palmolive Hellas SAIC| -| -| -| 0. 7| Theramed | Henkel Hellas SA| 1. 2| 1. 2| 0. 7| 0. 6| Aquafresh Herbal | GlaxoSmithKline SA| 0. 1| 0. | 0. 3| 0. 3| A. The target market The Colgate in Greece has created products for all ages and especially for consumers who are concerned about oral health issues. Each product of Colgate is addressed for the different needs of consumers. First of all for people that have problems with their teeth, such as tooth-decay, tooth-plaque, tooth-stone, sensitive gums and etc. Consumers in this target market usually purchase toothpaste products without caring about the price, as long as they will get the highest quality that Colgate offers to them.

Secondly, people who are concerned about their oral hygiene, such as bad breath, and personal appearance. Consumers in this target market are mostly young people that care about the whitening and the cleanest breath that Colgate offers. Finally, another target market for Colgate is kid. Colgate has several products related to children and as we can see from websites and advertising, children for Colgate are a rather important target market. Colgate tries to offer to parents, toothpaste products with the highest quality that will make their children’s teeth healthy and without harmful issues in the future. B.
Marketing Mix Colgate-Palmolive provides to the market reliable and effective products and it always tries to produce its products with the smaller possible effect in the environment. 1) Product a. Development and History Product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. Consumers purchase toothpaste products for their desire and satisfaction that they think the product provide. Colgate toothpaste production started in 1873 over the world. Colgate introduced its toothpaste in a tube similar to modern-day toothpaste tubes in the 1890s. Until after 1945, toothpastes contained soap.
After that time, other ingredients to make the paste into a smooth paste or emulsion - such as sodium lauryl sulphate, a common ingredient in present-day toothpaste replaced soap. In the second half of the twentieth century modern toothpastes were developed to help prevent or treat specific diseases and conditions. b. Design and Quality Toothpastes today typically contain fluoride, coloring, flavoring, sweetener, as well as ingredients that make the toothpaste a smooth paste, foam and stay moist. Individual toothpastes also may contain special ingredients, such as triclosan in Colgate Total.
Toothpaste in tubes is used throughout the world and has been a very successful invention. Colgate provides to the market reliable and effective products and it always tries to produce its products with the smaller possible effect in the environment. Colgate has the highest quality in Market that is why it is first in Greece and over the world in sales. c. Product features -----------Needs to be found from a Colgate package--------- 2) Price Colgate – Palmolive prices its products so to be totally competitive to a market. The combination of competitive price as well as excellent quality makes Colgate’s products to be very high in demand.
All prices vary from 2. 5 Euro to 3 Euros for the more composite toothpastes. 3) Distribution A channel of distribution is a group of individuals and organizations that direct the of products from producers to customers. The major role of Distribution channels is to make products available at the right time at the right place in the right quantities. The main Channels for Colgate distribution in market are big department stores as Hondo’s Center, Carrefour and of course supermarkets, mini markets and Dental clinics that our dentist suggests Colgate toothpaste. ) Promotion Promotion is one of the most important part of any company, by promoting the product it is published to consumers that the product exist and is available to everyone. There are many ways to promote a product as advertising, personal selling, public relations and sales promotion. a. Advertising: Colgate primarily used advertisements as its main promotion strategies. Its different products that are designed for different segments are targeted to the audience by highlighting its features. Its common tagline for all products is “No1” brand recommended by dentist.
Colgate has taken up a weird advertising campaign in Bangkok. b. Sales promotion: As such no promotion is done at retail level except the recommendation by the shopkeeper. But for rural market Colgate uses VAN (van is a mobile promotion station having facilities for screen show, slide show and mike publicity). c. Public relations: PR campaigns were undertaken extensively during the launch of the brand in leading newspapers and magazines, though they were focused more directly on enhancing the image of the parent company in the eyes of stakeholders like shareholders potential investors that in consumers.

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