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Published: 2021-09-29 23:45:03
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marketing opporunities & MARKETING MIX ASSIGNMENT LENOVO VS DELL BRANDS: Lenovo:The company was founded in 1984 by a group of eleven engineers, headed by Liu Chuanzhi, in Beijing. This company had become the biggest PC manufacturer of domestic and distributed third party products through its wholesale business. Today,these two companies lenovo and IBM are united under the Lenovo name. With Lenovo's landmark acquisition of IBM's Personal Computing Division in May 2005, the new Lenovo is a leader in the global PC market and products serving enterprises and consumers the world over.
Dell:Dell Computer was founded as PC's Limited in 1984 by university student Michael Dell. The company was so successful that within two years PC's Limited had distribution offices in Europe, and changed it's grammatically-incorrect name to Dell Computer Corporation. Selling assembled computers from his dormitory room, By 1991, seven years after selling it's first computer, Dell Computer Corporation was listed in the Fortune 500. Dell was one of the first companies to offer computers for mail order via the Internet.
The Dell Coupon program made many Internet models cheaper than other brands, and continues to be popular to this day. MARKET SEGMENTS From homepage of Lenovo , we can see, there are two main part of his market segments : Professional-grade and Lifestyle. Professional-grade like server computer , the top-level desktop and laptops. These products always make for the professional staff or hardcore players (hot game players). They are very expensive , more than fifteen thousands RMB. But lifestyles are cheaper and closed to our wallet .

You can only pay about five thousands RMB. To dell, they are divided into four levels. For home. For small and medium business For public sector and For large enterprise. So we can chose the right level that is perfect for us. From above-mentioned, we can see Dell is more refinement than lenovo and so convenient that chose we need from their homepage. Lenovo's computers on the main advantage reflected in the price for China's national conditions, but Dell's computers main advantage is personalized for each consumer to customize their computers.
DELL is primarily direct online marketing, so he saved a lot of middle cost in the links, so if the same price DELL is better than the Lenovo’s . But Lenovo is the state-owned brand, he has the town level dealers , so warranty is more convenient . Even though dell and his similar products in the high cost, but he has little dealers, and only at the provincial level can warranty. DISTRIBUTION: Both of them are global multinational corporations. They operate in the world, products are sold in all countries. Lenovo is headquartered in New York, Purchase.
Two main operations center set up in Beijing and North Carolina. The sales network of Lenovo's throughout the world. Lenovo has more than 19,000 employees in the world. Lenovo,the largest IT supplier of China, is making moves to consolidate its distribution channels nationwide to streamline its sales in retail sectors and spark profitability. Dell has 13 markets in the region to carry out linear order business at present. Including Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
Dell's new plant in Xiamen, is the second production base in China. It is the fifth largest market for Dell in the world and the fastest growing markets business development. PROMOTION: Commercial desktops are likely to be the backbone of the international market Lenovo race, and China is the largest piece of "experimental field. " Lenovo has agents through the distribution to the provinces. Through increased the influence of brand to cities to open up new markets.
The success of Dell's direct model is that the main factors: first, rapid response, on-demand production,Powerful order processing system and production system; Second, powerful data processing capabilities and advanced information management technologies; Third, the excellent customer service, strong call center services; Fourth, a strong and efficient supply chain; s Fifth, low cost and price wars. CONCLUSIONS: Lenovo's corporate culture is people-oriented. Lenovo believes that talent is the development of the productive forces.
Therefore, the association proposed for each employee to provide equal development opportunities. Employees and business are interdependent and mutually reinforcing . Dell's corporate culture, summed up by the company as "Dell soul", which describes how Dell is a kind of company, it is the Dell service code of conduct for customers around the world, it eventually became Dell's "winning culture" basis. Difference: Lenovo is the mode of distribution . Dell is the direct model. Lenovo's core idea: the pursuit of individual employees into long-term development into the enterprise.
Dell's core competencies: No direct sales, direct sales model is based on low-cost operating system for parts supply and assembly of the implementation of capacity. Both the Lenovo or Dell are staring at each other tightly, while Lenovo is lagging behind Dell now. Clearly, Dell and Lenovo are the real heart of the competitors of the other side. Lenovo is the leading of Asia-Pacific region, while the region's growth and development potential can not be ignored by Dell, dell is also focus on the global market. Lenovo make Dell feel more and more pressure . ----------------------- [pic]

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