Megabeast Theory

Published: 2021-09-27 18:20:03
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Scientists have discovered the truth behind many mysteries. One of the mysteries yet to be uncovered is the Mega-beasts, the creatures that roamed North America during the Ice Age, 13,000 years ago. An example of Mega-beasts are the Saber-Toothed Tiger,Woolly Mammoth, and Giant Sloth. There are three main theories as to how the Mega-beasts went extinct. They are as follows: 1 . ) The Clovis People killed them all off for food. 2. ) They died due to the sudden climate change. ) A comet wiped them all out. My personal theory is that all three of these factors played a part in the Mega-beast's extinction. If the Clovis People and the climate change together had taken out, say, 59% of the Mega-beast population, and a comet struck the Greenland Ice Sheet,the results could be catastrophic. The entire Mega-beast population could be wiped out entirely, and even if there were survivors, they would be wiped out quickly by the Clovis People and/or the dramatic climate change. There are spikes of
Iridium and hexagonal diamonds-which can only be formed by massive impact and incredible heat, hotter than a volcano-in both the layer of ice in the Greenland Ice Sheet that was from the Ice Age and the Black Mat layer in Arizona. The reasons the other theories are incorrect is simple. The Clovis People simply couldn't wipe out all the Mega-beasts on their own. This is correct for climate change as well. Also, there were 35 total species of Mega-beasts. There is no possible way I have heard as of yet that the meteor could have wiped out all the mega-beasts n its own.
Ergo, this lead me to the theory that all three are correct and also simultaneously incorrect. They are correct in the sense that they played a part in the mass mega-beast extinction, but they are incorrect in the sense that they didn't - couldn't- do it alone. Personally, I think my theory should be researched. One of the ways to do that would be to look further into the mysteries of the Black Mat layer, Greenland Ice Sheets, and other areas like that. Surely, there must more clues to be discovered as to what truly killed the Mega-beasts.

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