Model United Nations Sample Policy Statement

Published: 2021-09-28 03:45:03
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Delegation: France Security Council The situation concerning Syria This delegate of France is deeply disturbed by the situation progressing in France. Revolt and protests have been progressing for over a year and have no clear end in sight. There is a standing death toll has exceeded 70, 000, and every day that the peoples' needs are not met, this number rises. This is not an issue that will resolve itself. Without the assistance of the international community this delegate has little hope for an improvement in the situation.
On the 19th day of the recent Homos shelling, a tragic event which has claimed the lives of hundreds of trapped civilians, two western Journalist were killed killed; Marie Calvin and Remit Schlock. Marie was an American reporter working for the Sunday Times in London, and Remit a freelance photographer from France. Their satellite phones where tracked and targeted using highly sophisticated equipment. In President Sad's assault on this city, he is showing no regard for the lives of expatriate Journalists nor his own people.
Syrians own government is killing its civilians. No government whose enemy is its own citizens can continue without problems. This delegate feels that at this point the country of Syria has lost its sovereignty. If President Sad continues these ruthless actions then international action needs to take place in order to end this chaos. First of all, the protection of Journalists needs to be enforced if Syria is to gain back any acceptance. The rights and safety of Journalists should be standardized internationally.

If the killing of western Journalists does not stop then the government of Syria must be forced to allow protection to be given to them by UN peace enforcement officers or some other form of international protection. But this delegate has reached a point where it does not trust protection provided by Syrians own domestic law enforcement. Sad's action of tearing Syria apart from the inside, appears to be one of the largest factors fueling the ongoing conflict.
In any resolution of a major issue, compromise is key, and the delegate of France feels that he may be speaking for everyone when he says that the well being of president al Sad should not be the highest priority. France and hopefully with the backing of the international community will draft a resolution to assist Syria through there transitional period into prosperity after it has put an end to the conflict.. This delegate wishes to listen to the people solve this wishes to see peace Thank you

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